Live trailer | cheering for the Winter Olympics at the foot of Tianshan mountain!

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Beijing Olympic closing ceremony on February 20th, the silk road international resort located in urumqi nanshan ski resort will hold a variety of forms, content splendid mass series ice ice and snow sports enthusiasts, enthusiasts and participate in the children of winter snow and ice will gather at the foot of the tianshan mountains to bring us wonderful snow sports show “magic sauce” and “flash” show to celebrateLive: 18:10-20:10, February 20 Live: Urumqi Nanshan Silk Road International Resort Watch:Weibo attention “in xinjiang is a good place to V” trill attention “is a good place in xinjiang” video, search “is a good place in xinjiang” hundreds, focus on “xinjiang is a good place” in xinjiang is a good place to joint pomegranate cloud/xinjiang daily, radio and TV station in xinjiang, through the linkage of point, more aerial broadcast live, live the series of activities,We will show you the wonderful “skills” of ice and snow athletes, feel the enthusiasm of people of all nationalities to participate in ice and snow sports, and explore the vitality and vitality of ice and snow sports to the local area.February 20th, let’s enjoy the ice and snow festival together to feel the speed and passion at the foot of tianshan Mountain. Reporter: Jiayna Editor: MAO Review: Zhang Linli Supervision review: Si Yuanxun © Xinjiang is a good place. It’s cold outside!Please have a bowl of Xinjiang tea

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