Hot stove?The defending champion was knocked out, and the ’75 “junior” Higgins broke his 888 career 100

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Beijing time on April 3 evening, snooker tour championship final, defending champion Neil Robertson 0-3 by Higgins hanging, such a start, we think of it?Neil Robertson is the best player of the season, having won the English Open, Players Championship and Masters snooker in a single season.Higgins, on the other hand, is once encountered open season 4 consecutive ya, finally in the invitational version of the Champions League to get the first championship of the season, the single season ranked eighth, the buzzer + pressure line promotion to the current snooker tour championship.There is no doubt that defending champion Neil Robertson is the overwhelming favourite for the final, and Higgins is not the favourite.Is worth attention, however, higgins has been eliminated mine heart tong and cher, zhao, zhao tong is one season 1, Mr. Cher is open final win over Scotland higgins were leading to higgins start to the season 4 even the direct competitors, and, higgins single pole broken hundred and single pole 50 + the number of times is not as good as mine zhao tong and cher,With Zhao Xintong’s contest, Higgins was once 4-8 behind the final completion of a 10-9 reversal.This shows that Higgins’ understanding of snooker is indeed a higher realm.Neil Robertson has not scored a point since playing blue ball, black ball and adjusting errors!Higgins consecutive win three bureau, the first bureau to 78-77 limit kill, the second bureau crazy home single pole 136 points zero seal, the third bureau again home single pole broken hundred 126 points zero seal, extremely strong!Is defending champion Neil Robertson about to make a comeback?The first three rounds, Higgins has hit 2 shots break 100, career break 100 times to 888, this season break 100 times reached 49, more than last season, 75 years born Higgins is getting older and more evil, fans sigh: 75 years “little” Higgins