Fresh from talks with the German chancellor, Putin made a new move against Ukraine, on the same day that China warned the US and the West

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Since late last year, Russia and the contradiction between the us-led western countries has been deepened by Ukraine, however, recently, the Russian defense ministry announced a news, let Ukraine border situation has eased, and in the near future, Russian President vladimir putin suddenly to Ukraine with new actions, make between Russia and Ukraine border situation further easing.Xinhua News Agency and other media reported that on February 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that part of the Russian troops who had completed the military exercise began to return to their posts from the Border area between Russia and Ukraine.German Chancellor Angela Scholz was quick to comment positively on the news.According to Reuters and other media, Putin and Scholz held a joint press conference after their talks in Moscow on Thursday. “This is a good signal,” Scholz said when referring to the announcement.We hope that more troops will follow.”Shortly after speaking with Mr. Scholz, Mr. Putin delivered an important message to Ukraine through his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov — that Russia had no immediate plans to invade Ukraine.”Putin sometimes jokingly asks us to find out when the war will start and whether (the West) has announced the exact time of the war to the hour,” Peskov said on Monday evening when asked about western predictions that Russia plans to invade Ukraine on Monday, Russian media reported.China issued a warning to the US and the West on February 15, when Russia was trying to ease the border situation between Russia and Ukraine, but the US and the West were still insisting on “throwing fire”.According to Reuters and other media reports, on February 14, g7 finance ministers issued a statement saying that “any further military aggression by Russia against Ukraine will be met with a swift, coordinated and forceful response” and that “we are prepared to collectively implement economic and financial sanctions that will have a significant and direct impact on the Russian economy”.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Monday that China opposes the use of unilateral sanctions or threats of sanctions in international relations.Under the current circumstances, unilateral sanctions can only intensify division and confrontation.He stressed that China calls on all parties to remain rational, push for a comprehensive solution to the Ukrainian crisis and related issues through dialogue and negotiation, and refrain from doing anything to stimulate tension or sensationalize the crisis.It is worth noting that after the Russian side announced the withdrawal of some troops from the Border with Ukraine, the US and the West also claimed that Russia was sending more troops to the border with Ukraine, rather than reducing it. Regarding this argument, Peskov dismissed it as “groundless accusation” on February 17.