Fanhe New Area Publicity and Culture Office: go to the front line to assist all staff in nucleic acid sampling

2022-06-17 0 By

In order to effectively block the transmission channels of the epidemic, contain the spread of the epidemic, ensure the safety of people and their families, according to the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control in Tieling County, Xinhong International Community, Ruihu Street, Fanhe New Area, Tieling, will conduct nucleic acid sampling practice for all residents in the area on March 28.On The 27th, after xinhong International Community received the task, the Publicity and Culture Office of Fanhe New Area Management Committee, as the guarantee unit of Xinhong International Community, quickly organized staff to enter the community to assist in the actual practice of nucleic acid sampling for all members, and conducted nucleic acid testing for more than 2,600 community residents.At 7:00 a.m. on the same day, the staff of the Publicity and Culture Office arrived at their sampling sites on time, and actively communicated with the community, and cooperated with the community staff, grid members and volunteers to help guide residents to take samples in an orderly manner.Patient at the same time, the propaganda and cultural office staff to remind residents of nucleic acid testing matters needing attention, the nucleic acid detection sampling point to carry out the “one to one yard”, carefully check the nucleic acid testing card information, and help the old man to register the sweep code, test, serious, field “one-to-one” service, help the special groups to complete the nucleic acid testing samples.To ensure the accuracy of collected information and ensure the smooth and orderly development of nucleic acid testing.During the detection process, residents on site queued up in strict accordance with the requirements of “one-meter noodle”, and actively and orderly cooperated with the detection working processes such as temperature detection, waiting for collection, information collection, and nucleic acid collection, without gathering or clustering.Although the time was tight and the task was heavy, all the staff still worked hard and successfully completed the nucleic acid sampling exercise within 4 hours.The nucleic acid detection work, promote cultural office nine workers and other packages to the unit staff, community workers and volunteers are responsible for four sample point task, task finished on time as requests the nucleic acid detection, again reflects the “tough The spirit of “unity and cooperation, as the residents’ life safety and body health provides a solid guarantee.(Zhao Zengyu, reporter of Huashang Daily)