Does the Mi 10s have a supermoon mode

2022-06-17 0 By

There is.In “Moon mode”, there is no manual focus, no manual adjustment of ISO, shutter, etc.Just turn on the AI camera — zoom to more than 4x for the moon — the phone automatically recognizes the moon mode — and press the shutter to get a clear picture of the moon, without shaking your hands.The screen resolution of Mi 10s is 2340x1080FHD +. In terms of screen quality, Mi 10S still adopts the previous Mi 10 screen. The AMOLED screen provides higher contrast, 1120Nit peak brightness, and supports PDCI-P3 wide color gambit and HDR10+ high dynamic range image display.The Mi 10s supports 5G, as well as dual sim and standby.It supports multiple 5G frequency bands such as N1 / N3 / N41 / N78 / N79, and has also made certain optimization and upgrading in signal.The user only needs to install two SIM cards in the card slot and enter the Settings to set the primary and secondary cards.100 million pixels.The new mobile phone’s 100 million pixel main lens provides users with optical stabilization and zoom, bringing a good mobile phone photography experience.Take a wide-angle photo.Brand new 123° ultra-high wide Angle photography, for users to bring better mobile phone photography experience, but also for users to bring the best mobile phone anti-malformation photography algorithm.Xiaomi 10S mobile phone is equipped with 4780mAh large battery, giving power for a whole day, and high-end necessary wireless charging, full power anytime and anywhere, 33W super wired flash charging, 56 minutes full 100%;30W wireless fast charge, charge and upgrade, 69 minutes full 100%*.There are 4780mAh large battery with triple charge.