High school girl He Yuanxin’s first single released “Monster” sings a girl’s heart

2022-06-16 0 By

He Yuanxin, a new singer from Universal Music’s Republic, released her first single monster on Wednesday. As a young girl in her teens, the single reveals the inner world of gen Z.He Won-hyeong, a 17-year-old high school student, has a musical sensibility that is not appropriate for her age.The combination of electronic psychedelic arrangement and seemingly irrational lyrics depicting the contradictory psychology of adolescent girls’ expectation and resistance to love, deduces the disturbing and expectation of young girls’ budding love.”Monster” is a song with a strong psychedelic electronic style, “monster” is like the incarnation of love germinating, in no preparation, not in time suddenly come, disturb the girl’s heart.”Monster” by has participated in many files of music programs, and Jackie Chan, Lee Ronghao, Fan Weiqi, Tian Yi and other singers cooperation many golden song music producer Yi Yang on the production arrangement, electronic psychedelic arrangement plus the singer proficient voice interpretation, for the song to add strong sense of mystery.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Shou Penghuan editor cui Wei