Weiyuan: Press the “start button” for project construction and strive for a “good start”

2022-06-15 0 By

Dingxi news · Weiyuan news (new Dingxi · Dingxi Daily reporter Wang Yaxiong) sprint is the start of the decisive battle.Recently, Weiyuan County with the province, the city held the first batch of centralized project resumption and project construction led to catch up with the pace of development launch ceremony, the first quarter of a total investment of 4.96 billion yuan of 51 projects press the “start button”, open the county 2022 project construction new journey, strive to sprint “a good start” “prosperous year”.In 2022, Weiyuan County plans to implement 125 key investment projects of more than 5 million yuan, with a total investment of 13.55 billion yuan, and the planned investment of 5.55 billion yuan that year.82 projects have been listed in the city’s investment list, with a total investment of 9.5 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 4.31 billion yuan.Among them, 34 projects have been renewed, with a total investment of 4.21 billion yuan. The annual planned investment is 2.06 billion yuan.48 new projects were built, with a total investment of 5.29 billion yuan. The annual planned investment was 2.25 billion yuan.Currently, weiyuan to “the end of march all the city list of project to return to work” as the goal, to “3246” “3111” scheduling and the “1 + 1, 4” mechanism for the gripper, compaction work responsibility further, grasp the prophase, promote construction, schedule, and comprehensively deepen investment examination and approval system reform, to reduce examination and approval procedures and time limit, make full use of the “Internet + governmental affairs service platform, actively docking, accurate service, solve difficulties, hard to solve problems for the development of enterprises, constantly improve service efficiency, accelerate the progress of the preliminary project, accelerate the follow-up of more projects.The county also pays close attention to the Yellow River Basin ecological protection, high-quality development, rural revitalization and other major strategic opportunities, centering on the “five strong” action, “four groups and eight chains” to build, digging potential, taking advantage of the opportunity to integrate, in-depth planning, key reserves, and strive to enter more projects into the national and provincial project reserves.At the same time, in accordance with the “three complete, four and one” working ideas, we will promote investment promotion in an all-round way, ensure the implementation of more large and good projects, and ensure the high-quality completion of this year’s project construction and fixed asset investment tasks.