The new Queen of Australian Open women’s singles will be born!Barty goes for record and Collins goes for it

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On January 29, Beijing time, the 2022 Grand Slam Tennis Australian Open has entered the final stage, the women’s singles final will be between the world number one Barty and the American great Collins.Barty is going for her third career Grand Slam title, the first by a native player to win since 1978, while Collins is going for her first.Barty is a legendary player in women’s tennis. She started her career on the tour in 2012 and showed her strength in doubles. In 2013, she reached the women’s doubles finals in three grand Slam events.But barty could not continue to find happiness in tennis and retired to play cricket at the end of the 2014 season.Barty returned to tennis after a two-year gap in 2017, but has enjoyed a breakout start to 2019, winning her first Grand Slam women’s singles final at the French Open and the final at the end of the season to win the year-end Number one for the first time in her career.Since then, Barty has been ranked no. 1 for three consecutive years, with a Wimbledon title and two Grand Slam singles titles in 2021.Barty has 14 career titles, 298 wins in 500 matches, a 74.5% winning rate, three grand Slam finals, one quarterfinal, two quarterfinals, and a 56-24 winning rate of 70%.Collins, an American player, did not have an ideal record at the beginning of her career. Before 2019, she had five grand Slam victories and lost all of them. In 2019, the Australian Open was a turning point in Collins’s career, which not only ushered in her first grand Slam victory, but also made her way to the semifinals, realizing her career breakthrough.The Australian Open peak did not last long, and Collins’ subsequent results were continuous fluctuations. In 2021, her body suffered from endometriosis, and it was only after surgery that she was able to readjust to the best condition.Collins has only two career titles, a record of 185-109 with a winning percentage of 62.9 percent, one quarterfinal and one quarterfinal in the Grand Slam, and 26 wins in 42 matches with a winning percentage of 62 percent.Barty started last season on a wild streak, winning the Yarra Valley in his debut in 2021. He went on to win consecutive titles in Miami and Stuttgart, losing to Sabalenka in the Madrid final, and winning his second Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.The following season, Cincinnati won the 1000 Series championship, reaching the Finals 6 times and winning 5 titles.Barty continued her form in the lead-up to this season’s Australian Open, although she hasn’t played since the 2021 US Open. She won in Adelaide, beating Gaffe, Konin, Swatek and Lebagina in a superb performance to start the 2022 season.Collins’ 2021 season had some ups and downs. She lost the yarra Valley in the last eight in her debut season to Serena Williams, lost the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon in the first three rounds, and rebounded in the second half of the season, winning back-to-back titles in Palermo and SAN Jose, putting up her best season since 2019.Barty, seeded no. 1 in the tournament, had won eight sets in a row and showed no signs of losing momentum going into the Australian Open, losing only one set in the first round and two in the second to beat Bronzetti.Since then, she has beaten Giorgi and Anisimova in a row, and swept Pegula in the last eight. In the semifinals, she beat Kays 6-1/6-3, winning 20 sets in a row in all competitions this season. In the process of Australian Open promotion, anisimova only got 4 sets in a set, and the rest were swept.Collins also had a fine year in the Australian Open, scoring 17 winners in the first round to win 6-1/6-3 over fellow countryman Dollehead, before facing connew 6-4/6-3 in the second round.In the third round, the Danish supernova Towson staged a comeback, losing a set 4-6 and winning two sets in a row, and beating 33 winning points in two and a half hours.Next face Meertens is the first to lose a set of reversal play, fierce battle nearly 3 hours out of 45 winning points, 2-1 reverse beat Belgium.In the last eight, Collins continued to improve, hit 28 winning points straight sets to beat Kone, the semifinals have 27 winning points 2-0 easily 7 seed Swatak, the way to advance Collins winning points all on double, showing a strong active offensive ability.Barty has one of the best serving abilities, perhaps the first woman serving under 170CM. She has scored 35 ACES in this Australian Open, ranking second only to Keith. Collins also has great serving power.She finished 24 ACES in six matches, ranking third. Collins was not consistent with her serve and had 28 double faults, second only to The queen of double faults, Sabalenka. Barty ranked first in first-serve scoring percentage with 83 percent, while Collins ranked fifth with 76 percent.In return, Collins scored 91 points on first serves and batty 86. In second serves, Collins scored 90 points to Batty’s 54. Collins tends to play with more impact on opponents’ second serves.In the break period, Collins broke Barty 26 times of 27 times, and barty was 93 percent and Collins 63 percent in break point efficiency. The world No. 1 was stronger mentally at key moments.Very sharp contrast buddy technology characteristics, forehand attack backhand defensive buddy technology can be outlined, the early career because there is no damage in question, the backhand on the backhand more cutting its style, but due to the women’s tennis is generally lack of the ability of attack, backhand slice the ball makes buddy made adjust.And over the course of several seasons, batty’s backhand attack has become the dominant scoring tool, making it difficult for opponents to adjust to the change of pace.Barty also has one of the best serve and forehand drives in women’s tennis, and doubles experience makes her excellent at the net.Collins has the typical characteristics of American tennis players, full of strength and aggression. In recent years, American women tennis players continue to emerge at a high level, and have achieved excellent results on the hard court.Collins has the general characteristics of the American players, with strong ability to serve and attack the bottom line, and do not give up on the return of serve and attack, this Australian Open, especially Collins backhand attack left a deep impression, the ball speed is flat and fast difficult to guard against.But Collins play weakness is also prominent, almost no rhythm change is not long long shot stalemate, in the defense of the fight often take the lead in the line unforced error is very much.The two have met four times before, with Barty going 3-1.They first met in Madrid in 2019, when Barty won 2-1, 6-1 all three sets, and then met again in the second round of the 2019 French Open, where Barty won in straight sets and went on to win the title.In their first hardcourt meeting in the 2020 Adelaide semi-finals, Barty came from behind to win 2-1 and took the tiebreaker.Their last meeting was in Adelaide in 2021, when Collins won in straight sets, beating Barty for the first time.Title meaning for buddy is of great significance to the Australian open final, was hailed as a local tennis hope since debut, in 2019 and again in 2021 won a grand slam champion, more intense hunger for Australian open champion, but in recent three Australian open 1 last 2 times in eight outs, always unable to get title chances.The last time a homegrown player won the Australian Open was Shaquille O ‘Neal in 1978, and a victory for Barty would be the first in 44 years.Barty will also win her third Grand Slam title, tying Kerber behind only Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. She is also the first player born in the 1990s to win on hard court, clay court and grass court.A victory in the final would be Collins’ first Grand Slam women’s singles title and the 19th Australian Open for an American player. Collins will break into the world’s top 10 for the first time this week after collecting 2,000 points.Barty had the advantage. The world No. 1 has won the tournament three years in a row, and this time with the home crowd, barty was in the right place at the right time and in all the right conditions.In the last three matches of the Australian Open, Barty has faced all American players, whether the more rounded Pegula, or the power and speed of The famous Anisimova and Keys, and has steadily shut down opponents, and certainly boosted the confidence of another victory against The American Collins.Collins is not without his chances, barty’s record win is both a driving force and a pressure, if not a good deal of pressure barty may not be able to perform in the early rounds of the Australian Open.Collins’ offense is still a deadly weapon, especially the stealthily deadly backhand, and based on barty’s past games where errors tend to occur on long, long backhands, It will be very difficult for Collins to score if he can’t stretch his rallies.Barty, who has won 20 sets in a row going into 2022, is used to playing in dominant situations. Once she breaks first, she will play more smoothly and the final will be at her own pace.Collins will have to break Barty’s customary rhythm, break serve first or break his opponent’s record without dropping a set to take the three-set final to have any hope of winning.