South Korea wins first Gold medal of Winter Olympics!China ping former enemy ecstasy, standing in the stands to shout

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South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon won the gold medal in the men’s 1,500m short-track speed skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Tuesday.It was the first gold medal won by South Korea’s short-track speed skating team at the games and the first gold medal won by the South Korean delegation.The south Korean cheerleaders on the stands were celebrating wildly, and we saw a familiar figure: Liu Chengmin, a famous table tennis player.South Korea has always been a powerhouse in short-track speed skating, but in the three events that have ended this Winter Olympics, the country has not only failed to win a medal, but also failed to make it to the final. Choi Min-jeong fell and famous athletes such as Hwang Dae-heon and Lee Joon-soo were called fouls.South Korea was so outraged that it even called a public conference to appeal the violation.However, in the end to rely on the strength of the game, through the HD replay we found that the Korean players did foul, can only say their own mentality out of the problem.There is no denying that individual Players in South Korea are really strong, as long as they do not foul, they are the absolute favorites to win the championship.As in the men’s 1,500-meter race, all three Korean athletes advanced to the final of Group A.There were A lot of incidents in the men’s 1500m semi-final, and A lot of people were called to the FINAL of group A, and there were 10 people who could go for gold in this event.In the final, The South Korean player Hwang Dae-hun emerged early, almost all the way ahead of the state, he is not only fast, good position sense, the other players behind difficult to overtake.In the end, Hwang took the title in a more comfortable fashion, with the high hopes of Liu Shaolin and Liu Shao-Ang failing to make the top three.After the game, Hwang was particularly emotional, although the referee has not announced the result, but hwang realized that he did not foul, early began to celebrate.The South Korean coach also released the pressure and embraced Hwang with tears in his eyes.On the grandstand, the South Korean cheerleading collective stood up, while applauding, while cheering, we saw a familiar face, that is the country ping former arch-rival Liu Chengmin.As an official of the South Korean delegation, as well as the International Olympic Committee, Yoo seung-min had already arrived in Beijing.South Korean players in the first few days of the poor results, Yu Seung-min is also under great pressure.This time, Hwang dae-heon successfully won the championship, Yu Seung-min can be said to be in a state of ecstasy, he has been standing, arms Shouting, almost jumped up.As we all know, Liu Chengmin’s influence in South Korea is very big, after all, he is the Olympic champion, and beat the country table tennis players to get the Olympic champion, is a lot of young people catch up with the goal, his appearance may also boost the morale of south Korean players!