Qingming festival departments around the refinement of convenience measures launched pragmatic measures

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Qingming Festival is coming, people in a variety of ways to commemorate the sweep, travel outing, visit relatives and friends and other activities.Against the backdrop of regular epidemic prevention and control, local government departments have taken detailed measures to facilitate people’s travel and rolled out practical measures to actively serve people’s needs for holiday travel and economic and social development.Qingming Holiday, traffic travel is more concentrated.The Ministry of Public Security has issued a road safety alert to the public.According to the traffic accidents during the Qingming Festival in the past three years, the Ministry of Public Security suggests that people who drive should know the local mourning, epidemic prevention and control policies, weather and road conditions in advance, and plan their travel time and route reasonably.When driving a car, all members must wear safety belts, and when riding a motorcycle or electric bicycle, safety helmets must be worn at all times.In addition to epidemic prevention and control, local traffic management departments have made great efforts to ensure transportation during the holidays.Tianjin Public Security Traffic Management Department increased police deployment in traffic accident-prone periods, sections and sections prone to traffic jams, and jointly launched convenient parking services during the Qingming Festival holiday with the municipal Public Utilities Administration.On the premise of not affecting traffic safety and normal traffic order, citizens can park their cars in single row in supermarkets, vegetable markets, street shops and tourist attractions.At the same time, increase inspections and guidance.In Hebei, highway, railway, civil aviation and port departments have increased transport capacity, strictly implemented safety guarantees and optimized services.Handan, Hebei, increased the number of highway dredging and standby personnel, open all lanes, do a good job of vehicle dredging work.We will intensify road inspection and cleaning efforts, focusing on road floods, landslides, safe carrying capacity of Bridges and culverts, and hidden dangers on the road surface, so as to ensure good services for passengers and passengers.In Xinchang, Zhejiang, the county traffic police brigade listed 35 easy congestion points and sent seven law enforcement teams to carry out traffic safety work during holidays in towns, streets, villages (communities).Chongqing Yuzhong District Transportation bureau to carry out safety supervision of passenger transport companies, urging enterprises to do a good job in qingming transport capacity guarantee.During the important period of qingming festival, there were more passengers in the key areas of mourning. Yuzhong District Transportation Bureau took flexible operation and organization measures to timely adjust the structure of the main connecting lines within the jurisdiction, strengthen the operation and organization guarantee, and do a good job in transferring and emergency support.Gansu Provincial Department of Transport set up guiding signs in advance, rationally planned and utilized the existing toll lanes and free special channels, and effectively improved the traffic efficiency of ETC lanes and artificial lanes.At the same time, video inspection frequency of road sections and toll station squares is encrypted, 24-hour dynamic real-time scheduling, congestion screening and slow traffic toll stations, and multi-channel and multi-form accurate, timely and efficient release of road condition information.In view of the characteristics of travel during the Qingming Festival holiday, China Railway Hohhot Bureau coordinated epidemic prevention and control and transportation organization, dynamically adjusted the train operation plan, and operated low-risk inter-city passenger trains to meet the travel needs of passengers.In light of the large number of short-distance passengers and the concentration of passenger trips, xinjiang railway authorities coordinated epidemic prevention and control and passenger flow transportation organization, and dynamically arranged transport capacity and passenger train operation in accordance with the principle of “flow should start, precise matching, and orderly delivery”.The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently held a teleconference to arrange the safety management and service guarantee of tomb-sweeping festival.The meeting pointed out that ensuring people’s healthy, safe and civilized worship is the focus of this year’s Qingming Festival.Civil affairs departments at all levels and funeral service organizations should not only avoid clustering and scale rebound, but also strive to meet the needs of the masses.All localities should vigorously promote civilized and low-carbon memorial services such as online, flower and family memorial services.In Baotou, Inner Mongolia, the local civil affairs department has guided service agencies to carry out extensive online memorial services, such as offering flowers, reading memorial messages, online memorial services, home memorial services and other environmentally friendly ways to remember ancestors and mourn the dead.At the same time, coordination of public security, urban law enforcement, market supervision and other departments to carry out joint inspection of relevant markets, severely crack down on the production and sale of feudal and superstitious articles.In nanchang of jiangxi province, city and county (district) civil affairs departments to guide commercial cemeteries, urban and rural public cemetery is located township, the village committee in the premise of strictly implement the disease prevention and control measures, civilized and martyrs, organization of rites of martyrs, open to the tomb of flowers, martyrs’s online platform, clean up the tomb, environment, etc., meet the needs of the masses recall past.At the same time, the public will be guided to remember their loved ones at home, online mourning, writing messages and other ways, and people outside the city will not go back to their hometowns or counties if it is not necessary.Dongguan, Guangdong province, advocates “local holidays, try to avoid or reduce travel”.The Opium War Museum, the national Patriotic Education base, launched a series of cultural activities on the Tomb-sweeping Day, offering online offerings in the form of “cloud worship”, “cloud classroom” and “cloud interaction”.Citizens can log in the relevant platform, together with online memorial.It is reported that in order to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control at the same time, the Guangxi veterans affairs system has formulated the martyrs Qingming festival service guarantee work plan during the epidemic prevention and control, to avoid large-scale memorial gathering.Through the official new media platform, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs of Guangxi has also provided online and live-streaming services for veterans and bereaved families across the country to facilitate the remembrance of martyrs and tribute to heroes.During the Qingming Festival, activities such as mountain tomb sweeping and outdoor outing and illegal use of fire in the wild have increased significantly, making it more difficult to control and control fire sources in the wild.On March 28, Nanchang, Jiangxi province, began to assign forest fire prevention tasks to strengthen the prevention and supervision of forest fires during the Qingming Festival, requiring strict implementation of two systems of forest fire prevention and fire prevention grid inspection and designated monitoring of forest and rural staggered areas, and the full coverage of key forest areas, fire belts and fire lines.Wudang District, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province, based on the characteristics of large forest coverage, strengthen the forest area, scenic area forest fire card setting, so as to sweep code into the forest, prevent fire sources into the mountains.Increase the frequency of mountain patrol and eliminate fire in the field.Through strengthening the publicity of forest fire prevention, guide the masses to use flowers to sweep.Wudang District set up 16 emergency rescue teams in advance, covering 8 towns, 5 sub-district offices and key industry sectors in the region, to strengthen duty preparation during the Qingming Festival to ensure effective disposal.”Hello, the current has entered the forest fire high fire danger period, in the forest fire prevention area, forbidden to go to the grave burning paper money, burning incense lighting candles, advocating the use of flowers for sacrifice, please cooperate with you.”In recent days, Hebei Zhangjiakou Yu County emergency management bureau comprehensive planning, solid work to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.Yu county towns set up temporary forest fire inspection card point, advocating civilized sacrifice, and through the village (agency) forest rangers, inspectors to strengthen hidden trouble patrol, strictly prevent fire into the forest.In order to ensure fire safety during the Qingming Festival, Xinjiang Forest Fire Brigade Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture branch kuqa city in the front of the garrison to carry out solid preparations for duty, fire supervision, forest fire publicity and other work.In order to promote fire prevention before and after the Qingming Festival, the detachment carried out science popularization and education in key periods of time through online and offline publicity, and advocated civilized worship of the masses through loudspeaker broadcast in the community, network series of live broadcasts and posters.During the period of stationing, the detachment set up an inspection team together with the management and Protection Station of the Public Welfare Forest Center in Tarim Township, Kuqa City, to strengthen fire inspection and supervision of the euphrus euphratica forest and surrounding areas, and timely urge relevant units to clean up the reed stalks, cotton stalks and other combustible materials piled up in the Euphratica forest and around the cemetery.(Reporting by Our reporters Zhang Tianpei, Wu Shaomin, Shi Ziqiang, Dou Hanyang, Liu Xinwu, Zhao Shuaijie, Zhang Cheng, Aldack, Yang Hao, Zhu Lei, He Linping, Pang Geping, Zhou Huan, Su Bin and Shao Yuzi) People’s Daily (April 03, 2022 edition 04)