New communication paradigm: Help Chinese ice and snow culture go global and popular

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is an international sports event attracting worldwide attention. It also coincides with the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. It is a perfect opportunity to tell Chinese stories and showcase Chinese culture.We are glad to see that Ice And Snow China has made a very creative exploration in taking advantage of this opportunity to convey The Chinese spirit and let the world see the charm of Chinese culture with its innovative way of communication, which has set up a new standard for us to help Chinese ice and snow culture go to the world and enter the hearts of people.Ice and snow competitions and winter festivals have been rooted in the lives of Chinese people in various forms since ancient times.”Ice China” successfully attempts to convey the spirit of ice and snow in China from an international perspective and show the connotation of Chinese traditional culture from multiple ethnic groups and perspectives.Program as short video live + + topic for the idea, through has the multiple identities of foreign host and guest experience China more, multi-type, multi-ethnic folk, ice and snow sports, winter season life as the main form of the backing, in culture and tourism Chinese and foreign cultural exchange center dispersing pertains, CGTN broadcast platform, WeChat TongPinGongZhen video, and so on multi-dimensional exposure,To the audience of China and the world to show the unity of the whole Chinese nation, snow and ice in the lovely China.It is well known that the ice China is in the domestic and foreign situation of the severe complex mixed opened its big situation unfolds, and how to use the era proposition to create festival atmosphere, colorful cultural feast, with innovation represent the spread of expression in the modern era theme, the mind of the Chinese is a challenging task.So what’s the secret to Frozen China’s success?Obviously, it is difficult to describe the “upper limit” of the value and significance of first-class works, and the significance and value of its logo may need to be understood and interpreted from many angles and levels.What this paper can do is to discuss and analyze the new communication paradigm that makes it a good work of cross-cultural influence.A, new form: open collaborative structured organization as an open complex system of creative production, the development of the Internet by applying to the society as a whole, structured, further weakening the aggregation effect of society as a whole, we are faced with more complicated than in the past, boundary more broad, more social members subjectivation, society more fine granularity.Under the new communication ecology, it is of great significance to strengthen the open and cooperative Internet thinking and bring into play the self-organizing role of media system to create a new situation of thematic art creation.Therefore, ice & Snow China takes openness and collaboration as its value logic, creates a new communication mode of “live broadcast + short video + topic interaction”, and explores a new creative paradigm of open creation and collaborative production in cross-cultural communication.First, break the isolation and mobilize social forces to participate in production and dissemination.As a new expression of the development of the media fusion, “four media” is not only the media of the integration of the production process of remodeling and function, its core is to form the new pattern of public opinion guide, that is, from the whole, overall, holographic, full effect guide dissemination ecological dimension of multiple, and enlarge the network connection under the background of the individual value consensus and identity,Boost the generation of ideal communication effect with the underlying force.It is the realization of openness, nonlinear and dynamic coordination mechanism emphasized by the self-organization of media system under the background of “Internet +”, which has profound value logic.Therefore, in order to effectively guide public opinion and social trend, the production and dissemination of mainstream value content must transform the huge energy and resources released by the new productive forces represented by the Internet into their own energy and resources.We have seen, in order to give the audience more vivid, more sincere, narrative, the appeal of Chinese culture of ice and snow “ice China” on the creative mechanism of logic and bold innovation – from clues to creation, from the text to the character, the creation of the program through the authoritative media, Internet platform and WeChat video bloggers to complete together.At the same time, Ice China has effectively enhanced its communication power and influence through wechat, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.Secondly, break the single, try to unify the proposition of multiple narration.In traditional communication narration, structure is an external form that arranges plots according to certain internal logic.The most common communication narrative structure is the linear structure, which is dominated by the time sequence and narrated according to the causal relationship of the development of events. The plots are interlinked, and the final conclusion is presented after the plot conflicts reach the climax.Compared with linear structure communication programs with the same volume, the non-linear composite structure theme has a larger capacity and infinite space expansion. It can also refract the gorgeous picture of vast space and time from a rich perspective like multiple prisms.The innovative mode of Ice & Snow China is to show different winter folk customs and ice & snow competitions of selected cities through different tendencies and content designs, relying on changbai Mountain in Jilin province, Altay in Xinjiang Province and Shahu in Ningxia Province with three regional characteristics.From the dual perspective of Chinese and foreign anchors, it tells the national complex behind these keywords.It breaks the traditional single linear structure, in order to convey more content and information, express multiple emotions and thoughts;In addition, each part is independent and integrated, reflecting different styles and techniques, which are unified in the overall theme of the program.Therefore, the program is created with different narrative styles and presents a situation of diversified expression in which a hundred flowers bloom, so that the audience can see more cultural possibilities and get more cultural experience in a program.It can be said that this new program production mode, which combines creators with different cultural characteristics and talents together and forms multi-dimensional group images and diverse landscapes, exudes fresh and unique charm and has its unique cultural value.In a modern society characterized by authority deconstruction and individuality, “cultural” rather than “political”, “consumption” rather than “production” daily life has become the main field of social practice.Any kind of ideology must face up to the reality of commoditization by mass consumption, and the main melody programs that spread the mainstream ideology also need to change the creative perspective from “top-down” to “top-down”.”Ice China” on the whole creation of cross-cultural audience, more populist, the complementary use of macro and micro perspective, follow the logic of synecdoche attempt of the Chinese culture to give themselves a snow and ice, the shape is under the HTC narrative play value of the ordinary people, the view, the expression of temperament.In terms of theme selection and content expression, most of the traditional theme programs undertake the image record of the national historical memory, and often have grand historical narration, emphasizing the magnificent sketch writing in the grand narrative structure.Although the atmosphere heroic, but unavoidably clever, not novel.Based on this, China of Ice and Snow has changed its material selection and abandoned the panoramic writing of Chinese ice and snow culture. Instead of presenting everything, it is based on vivid characters’ stories and scenes, finds the brilliance in the corner in the magnificence, and selects the reconstruction of typical narration in the vast background.Taking Altay live in Xinjiang as an example, this live broadcast focuses on the contrast between foreign anchors’ initial impression of Xinjiang and their impressions after experiencing the skiing culture of Xinjiang, to show altay in Xinjiang as the “origin of human skiing”.The program comes straight to the point, Chinese and foreign anchors came to altay’s most famous ski resort – General Mountain ski resort.The Yinguang Road of Jiangjun Mountain is coveted by many skiing enthusiasts. Local skiing enthusiasts in Xinjiang will participate in this live broadcast in the form of guests, bringing into the ancient skiing style of Xinjiang “fur skiing”.Where does the skiing culture come from?Chinese and foreign anchors went to altay rock painting in pursuit of answers.During the live broadcast, the program interviewed two altay teenagers who were skiing at The General Mountain Ski resort, and the two children said in the interview that they wanted to be world champions.The hashtag # Altay Skier Wants to be Gu yiming has also gained a lot of attention on Weibo, as young people born in the 2000s, such as Gu Ailing, gained national pride after winning gold and silver at the Winter Olympics.Many netizens learned that “the origin of human skiing is in China” and “Are Chinese children so arrogant now?”Jonathan Turner argues that emotions are the “glue” that binds people together, generating a broader social and cultural commitment.In other words, emotional mechanism becomes an important dimension for understanding cross-cultural communication.An aesthetic concept called “empathy” is often mentioned in communication theories, which refers to the process in which human beings’ true spiritual feelings are projected onto the things they see and others.”Frozen China” uses “emotion” to wrap its narrative and plays down the political ideology. It not only considers the emotional needs of cross-cultural audiences, but also ensures the construction and bearing of Chinese culture, arousing the audience’s resonance through emotional arousal.Needless to say, the current situation facing China has both positive and grim sides.There is a lot of misunderstanding, tearing and even hostility in international public opinion.How to seek more partnerships for China and how to expand China’s “circle of friends” is a particularly important topic.Therefore, we need to go through a good communication, a good cultural products to promote China and the international community to each other to break the circle, enhance the communication between each other, communication, build more consensus, can build more to know each other, and on the basis of formation of each other’s identity and the future of collaborative development between China and the whole world need.An important communication pursuit and logical connotation of this live broadcast of “Ice China” is to seek cultural and cognitive consensus.The snow and ice China successfully explored in cross-cultural communication basic way of how to find consensus, found deep in the heart of warm memory, and can produce the symbol of the emotional resonance of in its narrative expression, we saw many other elements of subculture mainstream applications and the diversity of cultural connotation of expression, it let people feel the temperature of the ice and snow and tender feeling,And mountains and rivers also express some kind of common human memory.It successfully enables cross-regional and cross-cultural audiences to have more identity of belonging, cultural identity, social identity, value identity, and common identity as human beings.Show the most can form the radial force is on people’s lives in the state of nature, heaven and earth, the scenery, and the comparison of all kinds of folk culture, rich scene rendering for people to find the greatest common divisor between each other, in short, “the article to from time to time, song poems into matter and”, because the reality is always in infinite abundance,Only by constantly innovating and keeping close contact with The Times can artistic creation retain its new vitality.”Ice China” takes the initiative to explore the mainstream discourse expression paradigm in line with the reality and the new requirements of cross-cultural communication, and its innovative attitude is very worthy of affirmation, innovation path is worthy of reference, and innovation results are worthy of expectation.Thanks to the team of “Snow and Ice China” for creating such an excellent work. Its significance lies not only in its exquisite content and beautiful form, but also in its ability to keep pace with The Times and make culture resonate. This is the significance of the logo of “Snow and Ice China”.Yu Guoming is a renowned media scholar and professor at Beijing Normal University