Most people will overturn the fried dumplings, how to do it well?You’ll get the idea after reading this

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Now there are more and more ways to eat tangyuan, in addition to boiling, steaming, frying, fried, fried, cold and so on, all kinds of, and even some ways, you can’t think of.Among the many recipes, deep-fried dumplings are the most popular, because they are crisp on the outside and tender inside, giving people a feeling of sweetness in the mouth, waxy between the teeth and sweet in the heart.I dare to say that more than 80% of people in fried dumplings, there will be dumplings burst and leak filling accident, so it will seriously affect the eating experience, so when we are fried dumplings, how to operate to make dumplings crack and leak filling?There must be a way. Follow me. Zero mistakes.Fried glutinous rice balls without cracking method.Ingredients to prepare: 3 eggs, breadcrumbs.Cooking oil.Put the eggs in a bowl and beat them thoroughly. As you whip them you can lift them up and beat them so that they break up the fascia of the eggs. The eggs will work better.Pour some breadcrumbs into a clean bowl. There are two kinds of breadcrumbs, one is white and the other is golden brown.If there is no bread bran, it can also be broken with steamed bread, that is, after the steamed bread is peeled and then rubbed into pieces, of course, the more broken the better.Add enough water to cover the dumplings, bring the water to a boil over high heat, and then put the dumplings into the pot. If the dumplings are frozen, they can be put into the pot without thawing, please pay attention!Whether they are freshly wrapped or frozen, boiling water is added to the pot so that the boiled dumplings do not break the skin and leak the filling.Gently push the gnocchi along the bottom of the pot with a spatula. This will prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pot.Keep the dumplings on high heat throughout the cooking process, and push them along the bottom of the pot several times with a shovel for about 5 to 6 minutes. The dumplings will slowly float to the surface of the water. If this happens, it means that the dumplings are cooked.Prepare a large plate with half a bowl of water while the dumplings are cooking. Remove the dumplings from the pot and pour them into a bowl of water. Let the dumplings cool down quickly.Attention!Be sure to cool the gnocchi thoroughly as this is one of the ways to reduce the cracking of the gnocchi during frying.Once the dumplings have cooled down completely, they can be removed to control the water.Put the dumplings into a bowl of egg roll on a few laps, make dumplings wrapped in a layer of egg liquid, take out after wrapped the egg liquid into a bowl of breadcrumbs, also the roll on a few laps, make dumplings wrapped a level uniform crumbs, wrapped breadcrumbs, add another plate, so once all the dumplings wrapped in egg liquid, and then wrapped in breadcrumbs,Set aside on another plate.To do this step, many people do is to fry the pot, if so, the dumplings in the pot for a long time, the internal temperature of the dumplings up, it is easy to crack, unless you fry the time is very short, you have to pull out of the pot, which is very easy to turn over for the novice.In order to avoid this phenomenon, we add another step, so that the dumplings do not break, do not reveal the stuffing.Can also make fried dumplings a success.Roll the breadcrumbed dumplings in the egg mixture again.Transfer to the breadcrumb bowl and roll over.Once again, the dumplings are coated with egg mixture and breadcrumbs, which adds an extra layer of insurance.After wrapping the breadcrumbs, let go of the heart and gently knead the dumplings a few times with both hands to make them rounder and firmer.Widen the oil in the pot and raise the oil temperature to 60%. Then you can put the rice balls wrapped in breadcrumbs into the pot. In the process of frying, you can gently push the rice balls along the bottom of the pot with a shovel, so as to prevent the glutinous rice balls from sticking to the bottom, and also let the rice balls be heated more evenly and reach the same maturity.In tangyuan Fried, we kept the fire all the way, as long as see the surface of the dumplings is golden can remove, although we added a layer of protection, but the magazine of the time is too long, as long as the temperature inside the dumplings a rise, can appear the phenomenon of cracking, so a see skin golden yellow, immediately remove to accuse oil.We at the time of Fried dumplings, if you don’t want to around the egg liquid, and also don’t want to wrap breadcrumbs, so we can omit the step of the boiled dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings need not thaw, pan can directly after open the packing, Fried oil mild methods and wrap the breadcrumbs, wrap the egg liquid is the same, as long as see the surface of the tangyuan slightly golden, otherwise, a long period of timeThe dumplings will crack and reveal their filling.If you are interested in fried dumplings, then follow my advice. Only when you succeed and do not overturn the car will you have a good mood and a good eating experience.