High-end quality 7-seater SUV with affordable price and 6.8L

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High-end quality 7 SUV, with affordable price and consumption, 6.8 L will chery tiggo or dingle 8 PLUS (image) | | configuration inquiry brought PLUS a multitude, and mobile phones with a PLUS, that this car is a high match after upgrading, but don’t be afraid, match do not necessarily represent expensive high,The Tiger 8 PLUS is a well-equipped, high-quality 7-seater SUV, but the price is cheaper than most 7-seater SUVs.The Tiger 8 PLUS starts at 116,900 and ends at a lower price:08000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 3.75 to understand the measurement space, such as performance juyou circle 11 100000 113800 | juyou hot used car car appearance can see upgrades bring advanced sense, new lattice chrome plated China open and with daytime running lights and a band of headlamp unit is the imposing manner, upright, plus former face height is bigger,Let the exterior look full of advanced sense.The body length of 4722mm is not a problem to meet the needs of seven seats. In order to achieve better space performance, The Tiger 8 PLUS also uses a very square rear shape design, rather than a more car-like angular design like many urban SUVs, which is also a strong guarantee for space.The tail performance also has a great surprise, the design is simple but thick, the headlights are very distinctive, the overall drive is very big SUV momentum sense, let a person feel that the money spent or quite worth it.Interior parts can be said to be very big upgrades, and many brand, chery the interior is also separated model sequences, tiggo or dingle 8 PLUS application is to compare three screen high-end interior, especially air conditioning touch panel is very simple sense, and networking system, cruise control system and the various comfort configuration also reflects the high-end car experience.The black leather seats have an independent thickness at the headrest, which is one of the main reasons for the high comfort of the Tiger 8 PLUS. The overall quality of the car is really impressive.The second row is equipped with independent air conditioning air outlet and large space to ensure comfortable experience. In addition, the overall space can be guaranteed after the third row is installed. In terms of overall space experience, The Tiger 8 PLUS is worthy of its PLUS version identity.In terms of power, it still adopts chery’s 1.6T power, which is currently leading among domestic brands, with a maximum power of 197 horsepower and a peak torque of 290 N · m. Matched with the 7DCT gearbox, the smoothness of ride and acceleration of this power are at the leading level of the same level.But the most important thing is that it can achieve the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology fuel consumption of 6.8L/100km in a 7-seat SUV.Tiger 8 PLUS minimum price: from 116,900 maximum price reduction: 0.800 picture parameters configuration consult bottom price