Click kill Japan!Shui Qingxia refused to be left behind to celebrate the men’s final 12 Chen Xuyuan turned in circles and applauded

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The stage is as big as the heart.Beijing time on February 4, the second semi-final of the Women’s Asian Cup finally ended, China women’s football team faced the strongest Team in Asia Japan.After trailing 1-0 at half-time, the equaliser opened the second half.Japan regained the lead in extra time when captain Wang Shanshan, who had been playing at centre-back throughout the game, raced to the front and scored the equalizer in the 119th minute.Zhu saved Japan’s first penalty kick in the shootout.The two teams were tied 3-3 before the final round of penalties.In the crucial fifth round, Zhu saved Japan’s last penalty.Under great pressure, captain Wang Shanshan stood in front of the penalty spot, calmly ran up and shot perfectly, and China overcame Japan 6-5 on penalty kicks to advance to the final for the first time in six years.Holding the ball 31% to 69% and shooting 5-19, the Chinese women were under too much pressure.Famous mouth Huang Jianxiang said that the gap between Chinese and Japanese women’s football skills and tactics is bigger than the gap between Chinese men’s football and Vietnam.Even so, sonorous roses are still blooming with pride.After Wang shanshan killed Japan, she celebrated with her fists in the air and the players gathered around her.Cheering, venting inner emotions.People want to throw head coach Shui Qingxia up to celebrate.A calm Shui qingxia rejected the players’ proposal, and after high-fiving the group, she gradually withdrew from the celebratory crowd, leaving the stage to the players.For Shui Qingxia refused to be thrown up, media person Lu Yang said, the size of the celebration, represents the team’s ultimate goal, if you use the ultimate way to celebrate, it means you have recognized the completion of the ultimate goal.Shui Qingxia did so because there was still a final to come!Is to win the final cup, the top of Asia, that is the goal of Shuiqingxia!Lu Yang also said of the Chinese men’s national team: “Recall the celebration in the locker room after qualifying for the round of 40. Maybe you can know whether we had set our goal to qualify for the round of 12 at that time!”So, how did the president of the FOOTBALL Association celebrate?Without further ado, the scene at that time, many fans can recall, while applauding while turning in circles, his heart is really happy!The women’s football team beat Japan, And Shui Qingxia refused to celebrate too much. The men’s football team qualified from the top 40, and the whole team celebrated like a rainbow. No wonder the women’s football team can enter the World Cup, and the men’s football team has already prepared for the 2026 World Cup.