Zhu Aimin investigated the development of dry grain industry in Changyu

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On April 7, Zhu Aimin, deputy secretary of cili County Party Committee and head of Cili County, came to Tongjinpu town to investigate the dry grain industry in Changyupu.County CPPCC vice Chairman Jiang Zhiping participated in the investigation.Ai-min zhu a line successively came to hunan long valley spread agricultural science and technology development co., LTD. Dry grain production base, and plans to build 5000 square meters of the characteristics of drought grains farming culture sightseeing orchard, proposed cold-chain construction site, to see the growth of the crops such as soybean, corn, sweet potatoes, ask for details of dry grains in the development of industry, practice and the difficulties and problems encountered.Hunan Changyupu Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. now has a production base of 1200 mu, mainly planting high-quality corn, sweet potato, soybean, rape and other crops, with an annual output of 315,000 kg compact corn, 450,000 kg waxcorn, 30,000 kg soybean, 450,000 kg sweet potato, rape 65,000 kg.The products are mainly processed with chopped pepper, Laba beans, waxcorn, sweet potato fans, etc. At present, it has registered “Changyupu”, “Changyupu South Dazhai” and other trademark brands, and initially set up farming culture sightseeing experience park. In 2021, the experience park will receive more than 30,000 tourists, generating benefits of more than 1 million yuan.In the subsequent symposium, Zhu Aimin listened to the report of the head of Hunan Changyupu Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. on the development of dry cereals industry, and the participants had in-depth discussions on the next development of dry cereals industry.Zhu Aimin stressed that all units and departments should improve their understanding, strengthen planning guidance, improve the understanding of the development of dry cereals industry, correctly view the importance of developing dry cereals industry;We need to unify our thinking, define our development goals, think in the same direction, and work hard in the same direction to “run a base well, revitalize a village, and activate a town”.We should implement various measures to cultivate industrial clusters, lengthen industrial chains and form linkage mechanisms.It is necessary to increase publicity, combine agriculture with tourism, and try to focus on products combining culture and tourism, so as to form brand effect and make famous brands generate benefits and drive industrial development.Leaders of the county Government office, development and Reform Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Rural Development Bureau and other units, as well as major leaders of Tongjinpu Town and Changyupu Village, participated in the survey.