You know the hardest truth about business right now?

2022-06-14 0 By

In the short video entertainment platform, the patience of people has been reduced to what extent?Are more powerful than pap theory make 80% of the general population, no patience, patience, achieve instant gratification under anesthesia, so some people are destined to never turn 3 seconds after sowing, 5 seconds after sowing, proud, this means that the man was ended, 3 seconds 5 seconds to attract your attention to this is like drugs,What do you do to this world is fake fool forever, really fool in money, to make really happy fool, you must meet the current trend to win, to play a seemingly not too wise fool, impress the seemingly clever really fool under the helpless of modern social development tide, we can only meet the age,In line with The Times to cater to the tone of fools to fool 80% of the people, this is the truth I hope you see circle of friends, wake up from the dream you have to know that a person can start a successful business the most basic ability, is patience and perseverance, to succeed will be far away from the public perspective — a guide