Xi ‘an city wall lantern flow lights pray!Light up your 2022

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Fire tree silver, star bridge lock open dark dust with the horse, the moon to you kabuki are thick Li, song all fall mei Jin I can not help but night, jade leakage mo urge in a blink of an eye the Lantern Festival is coming!Lantern blessing has become one of the regular activities of the Lantern Festival as early as the Han Dynasty to celebrate the custom of the Lantern Festival to the Tang Dynasty, the scale of the more grand lantern placed on the Chinese working people a good wish to ward off evil in addition to disaster, xiang Nafu Tang Ruizong night lamp tree high twenty zhang burning lamp fifty thousand,The number is “fire tree” this day changan city made an exception to lift the curfew to allow citizens to lantern three all night also known as “lamp” fire tree silver flowers never night, visitors yuanxiao stay lantern mountain star bridge full of songs,As the etiquette of inheriting Chinese culture, Xi ‘an City Wall Scenic Area and Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will hold the “Living Lights · Changan Yongning” shangyuan flow lamp praying activity in the West Garden of Yongning on the day of the Lantern Festival.Ancient night not ended as those flow light reflects the walls of of primitive simplicity is dizzy catch a piece of the beauty of the poetic history lasting appeal under the foil of flow lights swept through flow lamp with bright lights the place is full on wishes along the moat away city spectacular moment the lights on, xi ‘an has become changan this blessing flow lamp will be live in the air in front of the one thousand countries blessing you!Xi ‘an city wall (samsung) on the flow of rice glue ball light blessing at 19:00 on February 15 – year at yongning xiyuan moat billet greeted with shining golden warrior with ZhangDeng maid passageway countless lotus lamp tightly on the moat of the steam drain waft each lamp with a good wishes for a novel and chic lotus lamp blessing let moat added a few minutes with lively and romantic New Year wishes,Take away the heavy smoke in the past the last yongning lamp to send you the most sincere best wishes to the national people’s number WeChat public comments at the bottom of the selected message written by staff generation holiday wish blessing blessing and placed river lamp on the day of the online link (limited) 50 people met the wall on the official weibo live blessing invite you together to watch the scene pomp of xi ‘an city wall scenic area to samsung semiconductor (China)Body co., Ltd. and you put yizhanzhan lamp bearing full blessing and look forward to carefully guard the wall, with love to spread cultural blessing blessing, enjoy the moon, step moon shadow, reunion, play qing moon ancient have “toast to invite the moon”, now have “Chang ‘an drunk yuan” millennium ancient city wall immersion yuan Night is not immediately action?Leave a comment in the comments section below!Xi ‘an city Wall original reproduced with indication of source