What reasons did they use to dissuade you from emigrating?

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“East or west, home is best”, “difficult to leave their homeland, the famous” “immigration is down to two ship bai, what all want to account for the” a “migration will foreigners discrimination” whenever mentioned immigration related topics, there will be many people from these “stop” speech, whether friends or relatives, or some Internet users on the network,All have the same attitude towards immigration.But in fact, contemporary views of immigration are much more active than traditional ones.As far as I know from more than 20 years of living abroad, the purpose of emigration is not simply to live abroad and worship foreign things, but to have more considerations.It can be seen from the annual employment data that young people want to improve their educational background and parents want their children to live in a more relaxed educational environment. Educational background plays a stepping stone in contemporary society, providing more opportunities and better choices.Especially now people in all walks of life are unavoidably encountered “volume”, excellent people emerge in an endless stream, the requirements of employers is also showing a higher and higher trend, so the contemporary young people only more and more efforts to make progress, for their own way out.There is nothing wrong with wanting to study abroad if you feel the pressure of domestic academic competition is high, or if you prefer the educational environment abroad.There is also the current environment, high school entrance examination split 50/50, high school is forbidden to repeat (public schools), many parents and children are very pressure, want to let their children to study in international schools, tuition is expensive, so they came up with a way to take their children to migrate to cost-effective countries.Some countries see the opportunities of the current global environment and launch a lot of immigration policies to attract investors, such as buying immigration, investment immigration and so on. If the local real estate does have considerable appreciation space, or a good investment market, then it is really very attractive.And immigration does not mean long-term development in foreign life, some people just to get an identity, to get a pass to other countries.As we all know, the phenomenon of aging is more and more common now, many old people began to travel to various countries after retirement, live a sojourn endowment life, some countries do give them a feeling suitable for long-term pension, so they chose to emigrate in the past.Say myself, but also to study abroad in Cyprus, found himself like this side of the living environment, the first is a year more than three hundred days of sunshine, the air is very fresh, rarely born bing at ordinary times, can also often see seascape, for I am a very livable, and chose to live here, in the future pension here,Also plan to take the old people in the family here for retirement.Why do many people refer to immigrants as being discouraged?1. Do not understand the true meaning of immigration, “immigrants do not have Chinese nationality” many people have such misunderstanding about immigrants, in fact, there are two kinds of immigrants, one is to obtain the permanent resident status of a country, the other is to join the nationality of a country;Many simply want to gain status, to gain the right to invest, buy a house or educate their children abroad, rather than simply change nationality.2. Immigration is indeed a double-edged sword with both advantages and disadvantages. Although the reasons why some Chinese choose to emigrate have been mentioned above, immigration is not all advantages and there are still certain disadvantages.For example, the language is not convenient, and it takes a certain period of adaptation to live in a completely strange environment, etc., all of which need to be considered in advance. If you choose a minority country like me, it is better to choose a country with a large number of Chinese community, so that you will not be lonely at ordinary times, and you can find someone to help you when you encounter problems.