The Lantern Festival in Qingdao taitung, the elements of the Winter Olympics into the folk culture dazzling

2022-06-14 0 By

With the arrival of the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, Qingdao Taitung pedestrian street lanterns street fire!In the 100-meter-long corridor, 365 handcrafted lanterns with exquisite workmanship, unique shape and beautiful meaning hanging here are on display.Bright lights, tassels swaying, light and shadow dance, very romantic, numerous citizens have come to appreciate the clock, feel the festive atmosphere.More than 100 hand-made lanterns on display are all hand-made and selected by more than 1000 people, such as community handicraft lovers, school groups and citizen students in the north district of Shibei District, expressing the beautiful meaning of “365 days baifu Na Xiang”.With the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the traditional lanterns have been integrated into various elements of the Winter Olympics. The images of ice, snow and ice sports all appear on the lanterns, conveying the spirit and good wishes of the Winter Olympics. Many citizens are looking for the elements of the Winter Olympics among the hundreds of lanterns, taking photos and clocking in has become the biggest fun.Next to the lantern exhibition, there is also a display area for intangible cultural heritage, where more than 20 intangible cultural heritage craftsmen show and sell traditional handcrafts and handicrafts, such as paper-cuts of tiger elements, tiger shoes and sugar paintings of Winter Olympics elements, etc., which are crowded with visitors.In the pedestrian street, in addition to the previous food snacks, several large candy ball exhibitors are popular, a variety of hawthorn, fruit string into the candy ball, become the hands of children the sweetest holiday gifts.Taitung, a city where lanterns, customs and food are enjoyed, has become a mini version of the Haeunan Sugar Ball festival due to the lack of the festival this year.Come to Taitung on the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival!