Scared easily?Is the blood deficient, a simple traditional Chinese medicine, blood, calm

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Can’t stand any noise, even easily startled, is this referring to you?For example, in the movie Changjin Lake, which was very popular some time ago, some people would tremble when the gun rang, or be startled when the gun rang, and they would overreact to all the sounds and be too sensitive, and even their heart would be very uncomfortable.And how sensitive will be, can not sleep because of the clock hanging in the house, a spoon on the ground scared, the neighbor’s toilet can wake up, and so on.This situation, in our traditional Chinese medicine will think that it may be caused by insufficient heart effort, deficiency of the “more out of mind”, so this time will cause the emergence of a particularly sensitive situation.As we say, the heart governs the blood, and the blood dismisses the god.It means that our mind is concentrated in our heart, so that we can keep normal thinking.Blood, for example, is the house of the mind, the home.Once the painstaking effort is insufficient, deficient, the mind has no home to return to, will have been floating outside, gradually, become sensitive, and even become more and more sensitive, encounter sound or other circumstances will be scared “heart is jumping out of the”.There are even other accompanying symptoms, for example, the most typical insomnia dreams, dizziness, palpitation and so on.What should I do in this situation?Today, Dr. Liu will share with you a piece of traditional Chinese medicine that has the same origin as medicine and food. It can also be soaked in water and drunk to help you refresh your blood and calm your nerves. It is longan meat.Let’s see.Longan meat, everyone is very familiar with, whether in shopping malls or drugstores, will see bags of longan meat, sweet to eat, taste very beautiful, and personality is relatively mild, into the heart, spleen meridian, one of the biggest role is to blood, calm.Therefore, it is also known as “blood mother in medicine”.Although the efficacy is good, it still needs to be dialectic.