Jimei’s good son-in-law Zhuang Lin was selected as “Fujian Good Man”

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Zhuang Lin has been selected as “filial to his elders and loving his relatives”.Taiwan Network January 30 – Xiamen Evening News reported recently, 2021 December “Fujian good man” list released.Zhuang Lin, from Jimei District, is on the list of “filial elders and loving relatives”.Zhuang Lin was known as a good son-in-law who took good care of his mother-in-law and his wife’s brother for 30 years.He was nominated for the award of “The Most Beautiful Retired Soldier in Fujian Province”, and was awarded the honorary titles of “Ten Most Beautiful Villagers” and “Ten Civilian Heroes” in Xiamen.Zhuang, a native of Anhui Province, took on the burden of his family after he married Wang Lihui, who worked in Jimei’s Houxi shop in 1992.For 30 years, he was praised for taking care of his sick wife and mentally handicapped brother-in-law.Zhuang Lin had served in the army and performed very well. He was awarded third-class merit and was also named “Outstanding Soldier”, “Outstanding Soldier Leader” and “Outstanding Communist Party member”.After leaving the army, he started his own business.Every year when the college entrance examination results are released, the media will report some students in need of help.Enthusiastic Zhuang Lin saw this and took the initiative to call students to offer help.My wife didn’t understand at first. She had never seen anyone before, so how could she help?Zhuang Lin said, now the child self-esteem is strong, do not disturb, can help on the good.Zhuang Lin is very charitable and whenever he hears someone in need of help, he will donate his money.He actively supported the army, but also for the army’s older youth matchmaking, facilitated more than 30 pairs of good marriage.Every year, he will go to the school with the enthusiastic people of Guankou, and he has almost visited all the primary and secondary schools in Guankou.Over the past 20 years, he has never stopped participating in public welfare activities and has donated more than 2 million yuan in total.(Photo by Chen Satish)