Direct attack on the epidemic in Fuyang city! And the two-year-old baby in remote isolation, young mother anxiety is difficult to solve, fortunately there are them!

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A child under the age of two has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is being treated in a designated hospital. The mother has been quarantined as a close contact, and the mother and child have been separated. How heart-wrenching!Fuyang district third people’s Hospital psychological consultant for its psychological intervention, pull strings to help isolate the mother a favor…In recent days, fuyang district psychological consulting studio continued to provide psychological support for a number of confirmed patients and close contacts.A mother with a child less than two years old has been diagnosed. She is a close contact and has been quarantined.Mother and child separated, unable to see the baby, unable to nurse…So anxious, she did not eat or drink in the first few days of the isolation point, and even had the idea of suicide.The hospital arranged Yao Genghua, Wang Xiang two psychological consultants always pay attention to the mother’s psychological condition, from time to time for its psychological counseling, emotional comfort.A few days later, he gained the mother’s trust.In the psychological intervention on February 3, the mother proposed that the baby’s milk powder, diapers and other daily necessities have been unable to help, because Fuyang has not lifted the lockdown control, they can not send baby supplies to the hospital.Yao Genghua immediately to the relevant departments to reflect the isolation of the mother’s appeal.The district epidemic prevention and control Headquarters paid great attention to the actual difficulties of the families of several confirmed babies, made a list of their demands and solved them one by one.District health bureau, district women’s federation and other units linked, in the afternoon of February 4 to purchase more than 5,000 yuan worth of baby supplies, and opened a special channel to the designated hospital.At the same time, the district three hospitals and designated hospitals to establish a communication mechanism, love materials have been delivered to the patient ward, to meet the living needs of several hospitalized babies.Love is thick, hospitalized baby treatment, free life, also let the heart of the isolated mother to settle down, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.It is reported that in this round of epidemic, Fuyang psychological counseling studio has accepted more than 380 person-times of telephone psychological counseling, providing strong psychological support for those seeking help.