A bed in Jiaxing during the Beijing Winter Olympics has made athletes from all over the world completely enamoured

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to begin. Athletes from all over the world have already arrived in Beijing to stay in the Winter Olympic Village and prepare for the grand event that attracts worldwide attention.These athletes from all over the world praised the changes in China and also admired some advanced “Chinese-made wisdom” in the village.Among them, a “smart bed” from Jiaxing was quickly the strength of the athletes around the powder.Summer Britcher is a bobsledder for the U.S. Winter Olympics.After staying in the Beijing Winter Olympics village, I interacted with netizens all over the world through mobile phone live broadcast.Some netizens asked her if the bed for the Beijing Winter Olympics was also a “cardboard bed”.”I’m really glad you asked,” she replied. “Not only are there no cardboard beds, but the beds are” unbelievable.”She picked up a remote control and showed the world the smart bed in her room: Want to watch TV?Just one button second change sofa;Want to read a book?Choose one button reading mode, change to beach chair in seconds…”It’s very comfortable to lie on.”Summer Britcher speaks to the camera.She also performed a bit of ‘zero gravity’, ‘It’s phenomenal’.Summer Britcher said from her bed.In addition to athletes, the bed has also received rave reviews from Olympic officials.CCTV anchor Bai Yansong spoke to Yang Yang, chairman of the Athletes’ commission of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, who also highlighted the meticulous preparations for the village.”We saw that for the first time in Olympic history, the beds could be adjusted to suit the needs of the athletes at different times.”Yang said.Members of the Dutch sports delegation also made special mention of the “Winter Olympic bed” in a television interview.”I’ve been to many Olympics and this bed is as high-tech as I’ve ever seen in Olympic history!”The smart bed, which impresses athletes around the world, comes from Qisheng Technology, a global multinational technology company based in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province.It is the main manufacturer of electric bed products in the world and the core patent inventor of electric bed and intelligent bed.With electric bed, memory cotton mattress and smart bed as the product matrix, it provides intelligent home products to assist sleep and healthy sleep for global consumers. Over the past 17 years, more than 8 million smart beds have been sold globally.In 2020, Qisheng Technology, with its brands Sofalier smart electric bed and Shufford Smart bed, became the official smart bed supplier of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, providing smart beds and related services for the accommodation operation of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village).Why can unlock the “new Identity of the Winter Olympics”?In the opinion of Tang Guohai, chairman of Qisheng Technology Co., LTD., the answer is simple: because it makes the bed smarter and more humane through intelligent functions, big data algorithms and digital applications, it can give athletes a better rest.”For example, in our zero-g mode, the whole body is circulating in the least pressure position on the heart.If you lie in a bed like this, you can relax and recover easily.”Up to now, Keisheng technology has accumulated more than 700 patents, more than 300 research and development personnel and more than 20 world famous external experts in the industry, 3 independent research and development teams in China and the United States, 21 cooperative research and development teams around the world.Over the years, we have maintained an annual r&d investment of 5%, and constantly expand the development of intelligent bed research and application fields.”We have always believed that technology can drive life change and provide consumers with a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.”We want to provide the ultimate solution of sleep health services and help build a new smart health sleep system.”Tang guohai said.