Three years ago there was The Wandering Earth, now there is After Earth, domestic sci-fi has a successor

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After the wandering Earth, the highest domestic box office sci-fi film is actually boomerang’s latest big movie, After Earth.After Earth has successfully crossed the $300 million mark at the box office and is on its way to the $1 billion mark.”Shanghai Fortress”, the second domestic sci-fi film deal, earned only 124 million yuan, twice as much as “Boonie bears”.”After Earth” box office success, on behalf of the domestic science fiction film has not gone down.On the same day three years later, Boonie Bears held up the banner of Domestic science fiction. In 2019, The Wandering Earth broke out in the Spring Festival, pulling Domestic science fiction films to the top level in the world with its own efforts and raking in 4.6 billion yuan at the box office.However, after “The Wandering Earth”, domestic science fiction films no longer have a lead, especially the highly anticipated “Shanghai Fortress”, which turned out to be a terrible science fiction film, leading the audience to believe that domestic science fiction films are just a flash in the pan and there will be no successors.Did not expect three years later is the Spring Festival, the latest animation “Bears out” big movie came out, this “After Earth” only used three days on the box office breakthrough 300 million, but also maintain a daily growth rate of 100 million, although it is difficult to catch up with the “Wandering Earth” 4.6 billion, but estimated box office also has 3 billion.If “After Earth” does live up to expectations, it will be second only to “Demon Boy” as well as second only to “The Wandering Earth” as a domestic sci-fi film.The special effects of “After Earth” are not as good as those of Hollywood blockbusters and “The Wandering Earth”, but they are among the best compared with other science fiction animations and domestic science fiction films.After Earth contains various sci-fi elements such as mechs, spaceships, robots, artificial intelligence, aliens, and virtual worlds. Although it is ridiculed as “strange stitching,” it is better than other Chinese sci-fi movies, where two or three elements can be stitched wrong.Unexpected domestic science fiction banner, finally handed over to “Boonie bears” hand.Although Shanghai Bastion only got 2.9 points out of 10 on Douban, it is the highest-grossing Domestic sci-fi film since The Wandering Earth, aside from the light sci-fi comedy Crazy Aliens. A 2.9 point adaptation of Chinese sci-fi will definitely make people laugh.Fortunately, “Boonie bears” big movie “After Earth” appeared, it all ahead of “Shanghai Fortress”, let everyone know that domestic science fiction or the successor.”Shanghai Fortress” claimed investment of 360 million yuan, but only 124 million yuan box office, lost to grandma.”After Earth” cost much less money than “The Wandering Earth”, and the box office easily exceeded 300 million yuan, which is higher than “The Wandering Earth” economic profit.The special effects of “Shanghai Fortress” are, at best, better than those of an online film, but as a science fiction film it still makes people act.Although “After Earth” is only an animation, the special effects close to the two-dimensional transformation will not be too realistic, but with the audience is very comfortable.The plot of Shanghai Fortress was initially described by the audience as “awkward”.Alien enemy is still in love, the hero and heroine is neither a qualified couple, nor a professional soldier.The plot of “After Earth”, in addition to the final whitewashing villain forced family reunion is very awkward, other times the fire on the fire, the tears on the tears, bear two a loser in the situation of people sing and decline to beat the big boss, although it is very old but this routine is ten thousand try ten thousand spirit.Conclusion: The appearance of After Earth successfully succeeded the domestic science fiction film after the Wandering Earth, while Shanghai Fortress was surpassed by an animated film that could not overcome its pride but delighted the audience.The Wandering Earth is a science fiction story with Chinese characteristics, while After Earth is a science fiction story with Chinese childlike innocence.If “After Earth” gets off to a good start, sci-fi comics could take off, don’t you think?