Shandong Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance: Adhere to the “four-wheel drive” to promote the central transfer payment supervision to a new level

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15 March 2022 source:The Ministry of Finance authority in shandong In recent years, shandong authority firmly grasp the new stage of development, carry out the new development concept, focus on the practice of “the party leading the universal coverage, spontaneous automatic regulation mechanism, direct funds doubt reset, the performance evaluation on the new step” four-wheel drive working train of thought, constantly create a transfer payment funds supervision new chapter,Strive for financial supervision and service shandong development pacesetter.First, the party construction leads the pooling force, drives the transfer payment supervision to comprehensively cover and focus on the main responsibility and main business of the central transfer payment fund supervision, and strives to build the “performance balance” Party building brand of the three Party branches under the supervision of the Bureau and the demonstration site of the construction of party branches of provincial organs, so that the Party construction becomes the “red engine” to promote the work.First, strengthen organizational vitality.Close communication and contact with departments and bureaus, provincial finance department, Environmental Protection Department and other relevant departments directly under the Ministry, as well as municipal and county finance departments, explore a new mode of Party construction and construction of “left-right, multi-direction promotion, joint construction and sharing, and full play of joint efforts”, and build a battle fortress of transfer payment supervision through resource sharing and complementary advantages.Second, we will lay a solid foundation for oversight.Since 2021, we have completed more than 40 items of verification, review and research of transfer payment funds, and the supervision results have been approved by Li Ganjie, Secretary of shandong Provincial Party Committee.Third, we will continue to raise the quality and expand the scope of development.Actively implement the national financial work conference, national regulatory authority work conference spirit, earnestly learn to finance ministry updates on transfer payment regulation work instructions requirements, on the basis of the high position, proactive planning and supervision of the central transfer payments at the same time, the shandong provincial financial supporting funds into the regulatory limits along with all the others.Second, mechanism construction process reengineering, construction of a comprehensive fund supervision system adhere to the problem-oriented, break the inherent regulatory thinking, focus on strengthening the institutional weaknesses in key areas, to build a comprehensive dynamic monitoring system.First, it studied and formulated the Implementation Rules of Transfer Payment Supervision of Shandong Supervision Bureau of The Ministry of Finance, revised and improved the Management Measures of Performance Evaluation of Shandong Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and the Management Measures of Budget Performance Supervision of Shandong Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance as well as a number of monitoring systems.We will gradually establish a “1+2+N” regulatory system covering transfer payment fund inspection, review and performance evaluation.2 it is to step forward with three points, and provincial departments jointly issued by the central regulatory work out detailed rules for the implementation of transfer payment funds “in shandong province, the shandong province transfer payment fund regulatory scope, content, way and creative exploration, to ensure that the funds and the project supervision” paint “, build up the provincial, city and county of comprehensive three-dimensional regulatory system.3 it is through the long, supervise and urge the rectification, and transfer payment means such as monitoring system establishment and the local departments of linkage mechanism, woven in advance, and full funding chain approaches to monitor network, realize a supervision, summarize experience, increase an effect, promote a regional area, department management level of effective promotion.Third, we will attach equal importance to the inspection and reform of direct funds and promote transfer payments to precisely benefit enterprises and the people. We will adhere to the working principle of combining inspection and reform with that of promoting reform through inspection. We will make good use of the three priorities of “warning by interview”, “highlighting norms and accountability” and “comprehensively regulating”, so as to ensure oversight, vibration and regulation.On the one hand, daily monitoring and on-site verification are combined. Since 2021, more than 1,800 times have been logged into the direct fund monitoring system, and more than 100 times have been asked and verified by telephone and face-to-face to dynamically monitor direct funds.Carry out on-site inspections in 9 cities and more than 30 counties (cities) districts, urge local governments to improve the standardized management level of direct funds, and realize the early warning clearing of expenditure early warning module of direct funds monitoring system.On the other hand, we insisted on improving the situation comprehensively by issuing a “letter of concern” and conducting interviews to inform relevant departments and send copies to local governments in a timely manner to effectively promote the rectification of problems.In conjunction with the provincial financial department jointly issued “about” self audits “on a direct funds management usage notice, within the scope of the provincial city of 15 regular check list, for the problem of check list out all supervise and urge the rectification, realize direct regulatory capital from” cure disease “to” no disease prevention “, promote direct funds to base, direct credit enterprise polity.Four, the performance evaluation of quality, and the efficiency, security transfers the maximum benefit In order to realize “adhere to the correct guidance of the concept, and promote the equalization of public services, when good performance management of the referee, implementation to maximize the efficiency of quality” as the goal, more measures simultaneously, cohesion force, derived financial fund performance in regulatory work “perfect”.First, focus on key areas.Since 2021, we have carried out seven performance evaluations of central transfer payments, including subsidies for farmland construction, and acted as judges in the use of funds with concrete actions.Second, to firmly shoulder the responsibility of leading.Led by eight regulatory authority to carry out the development and the fishing vessels scrappage update subsidy funds performance evaluation work, distribution of funds, carries out the research direction key key areas such as a baseline, field survey, high quality complete performance evaluation index system, operational guidelines set, such as work, for the performance evaluation work to lay a solid foundation.The third is to strengthen the use of results.We will help local governments to make up for shortfalls in fund and project management through feedback on the application of results, and promote the application of performance evaluation results.We should attach equal importance to performance evaluation and investigation and research, focus on key fiscal support areas such as ecological protection and modern agriculture, and give full play to the “booster” role of performance evaluation.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)