Promise me, white coat not disorderly wear, see these details collocation, the atmosphere is exquisite, is worth learning from

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Say a woman shopping is impulse, under much impulse at that time, our hard to avoid buys the sheet that a few oneself do not like to taste, for instance design is most very similar white coat, idle at this time it is wasteful apparently in chest, how does ability match white coat to give new idea?Do not worry, shared the tie-in formula of coat of these 4 groups of white for everybody below, advanced reduce age again, perhaps can solve tie-in trouble for you.First, with half skirt H version of the white coat, in fact, after the upper body has a good inclusive effect on the figure, will not appear particularly bloated, on the contrary, it is very good to hide the body fat.With relaxed and exquisite white coat collocation on the pale gray pleated gauze skirt, gentle and low-key, the middle revealed elegant charm, the whole person has become advanced many.In the shape of a white coat, do not appear in a way of outfit, appear some implicit sedate, which opened in a way of outfit, will only appear lively open some, use light gray sweater and dark grey pleated skirt of tall waist to match white coat, sends out the intellectual of mature charm, you look elegant in particular.Mature women choose this big version of the white wool coat, although it will add their own sense of stability, but it looks hard to avoid monotonous, so if you want to be elegant and steady, choose the black skirt with this little pattern as a single garment, both not drab, and gentle lady.The white coat is paired with a pleated white skirt, which is itself a bit flat in color. The upper part of the dress is softened up by a vintage brown turtleneck sweater. The ensemble looks artistic and fresh, with a bit of a period feel.For women, dressing collocation is a process of giving full play to their own body advantages, covering up their own body deficiencies, in order to maximize their own charm.Straight leg pants are a good way to hide the flab on the legs and flatter the shape of the legs. They are especially good with white woolen coats.If you want to wear a little more feminine, we can also learn this set of matching formula, using a white coat with camel high waist straight pants and bright red high heels, delicate but also exuded mature charm, very high class.The hooded white woolen coat with horn button design is more lively and age-reducing than the white coat with white straight tube trousers. Don’t worry about it being too abrupt for mature women, it actually looks gentle and fresh, especially full of youthful vitality.Modelling of in formal and capable of working style, exquisite modelling is decent, and do not break sedate feeling, that a white woolen cloth coat collocation gray suit pants modelling perfect reflected, knitting sweater is tie-in white body with white shirt, delicate and fresh taste, although is mutiple level collocation, but looks a bit heavy.If the winter style wants to look fresh and not heavy, it is particularly important to depict the high waist line.Inside the white woolen coat, choose a white shirt and camel high-waisted suit pants, which are crisp and sassy, and seem to walk with aura.The atmosphere and simple collocation, has been paying attention to the tone of the echo, the use of cool atmosphere of the white woolen coat, with the same style of white high-waist wide-leg pants, concise and do not lose the aura, casual and with a mature woman’s gentle sense.Four, collocation of tight-fitting stockings, has been the favorite of many women, for showing the thin calf lines also have a certain advantage, large lapel style of white coat, senior and delicate sense, with gray stockings and black small shoes, delicate and western.A person’s clothing can not only gain experience from practice, but also summarize experience from other people’s collocation demonstration. The collocation method of white coats in groups shared above, do you like it?Original text, pictures from the network, please contact to delete.