On the third day of the first lunar month, I searched for water and collected treasure (firewood) in Pingwang Lake

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First yesterday, continue wild today!Today and car friends set the theme is to appreciate the beauty of the landscape, to a few reservoirs, also superstitious once, up the mountain to pick up some money (firewood).The plan is beizheng reservoir, Xuting reservoir, Zhanghewan reservoir, a line, more than half a day’s journey.Focus on Pingwang Lake, which is Xu Ting Reservoir.In the northwest of Shijiazhuang’s Zanhuang county, there is a beautiful mountain village – Xuting.Xu Ting had been organized since the Qin Dynasty.After the succession of six prime minister, also known as the township of prime minister!From the Internet to see that six prime ministers are the descendants of qin and Han general Li Zuoche, Li Zuoche former residence is a small south village in Ningjin, the original Story of Xu Ting and our big Ningjin have contact!No more nonsense, there is a small reservoir on the edge of Xu Ting village, someone called Xu Ting reservoir, also someone called Ping Wang reservoir, one year, inadvertently turn to this, was attracted by the beautiful scenery here, a time to come around!From east to west, the distant mountains are clearly arranged, strewn at random, the weeping willows in the lake are graceful, with the season, the level of water, she shows different beauty!Different seasons, different beauty!You can have a look!Each reservoir has its own beauty, because the rain last year, water is quite abundant!No more. I’m limited. Say something.On the third day of the first month of the year of the Tiger, the journey to find water and pick up firewood is also over in satisfaction!Finally, I wish you all a bonanza and good health in the year of the Tiger!