Jiaxing Pinghu prosecutors protect the clear water and blue sky with the word “united”

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Recently, pinghu City procuratorate after the investigation that jiaxing port area a company, Pinghu technology Co., LTD., because of environmental pollution behavior has been administrative punishment, but the consequences of the illegal behavior caused damage to the ecological environment is still not eliminated, then to the ecological environment department before the prosecution proposal, after evaluation, consultation and other procedures,The two companies paid a total of 286,800 yuan in compensation for environmental damage, which was used to prevent and control pollution and improve the ecological environment.”This is the first time that we have extended the clues of ecological damage compensation found in criminal cases to administrative law enforcement cases since we established the linkage and cooperation mechanism between ecological damage compensation and procuratorial public interest litigation, which more fully fulfills the supervision function of public interest litigation.”Pinghu city procuratorate fifth prosecutorial director MAO Zhongyi introduced.The reporter understands, pinghu city prosecutor’s office in the province took the lead to establish ecological environmental damages collaboration mechanism linking to the procuratorial pil, with environmental defense league to pushing forward the construction of the modern environmental management system in addition, also actively joint Yangtze river delta cities, explore the cross-regional cooperation mechanisms, the implementation of collaborative regulation “ruler”, read “union” tactic,Guard the clear water and blue sky of the lake.Innovation ecological coordination mechanism Building ecological environment compensation “expressway” recently, pinghu city people’s procuratorate to build ecological environment compensation collaboration mechanism linking to the procuratorial pil, wins the 2021 year entire province procuratorial organs 12 one of innovation, is the last jiaxing procuratorial organ in the only won the title of the unit.”The mechanism is win-win to win more win-win ‘and’ purpose before litigation realize protect the public interest is the best state of judicial ‘concept, contains clues two-way transfer in consultation with ecological environmental damage, ecological environment damage cases dealt with coordinated, ecological environment protection linkage publicity, law enforcement and judicial personnel communication training four aspects, such as 16.”Chen Dingliang, acting chief procurator of Pinghu Procuratorate, introduced that under the principle of performing duties in accordance with the law, complementing each other’s advantages, preventing at the source and cooperating for win-win results, the government and procuratorate jointly built the foundation of green development by comprehensively strengthening the cooperation between compensation for ecological environmental damage and procuratorial public interest litigation.”Past environmental pollution case, can only advocate ecological environment damages in judicial proceedings, malpractice lies in the cycle is too long, need to go through litigation, judgment and execution procedure, there is no shortcut, may also missed the best period of pollution treatment, and need to appraisal of ecological environment damage cases, after the procuratorial organ is in the public interest litigation filed,Re-entrusting a third-party appraisal institution to conduct appraisal or issue consulting expert opinions has disadvantages such as supplementary investigation, easy loss of evidence, long time span and high cost.”Trail ZhongYi told reporters that the mechanism is related with procuratorial public interest litigation supervision, early intervention to guide the administrative organ, the investigation organ to public interest litigation standard start the investigation procedure, in case investigation initial synchronization fixed cause damage evidence and docking technology appraisal work, and support the administrative organ and ecological environmental damage compensation obligor to compensation for consultations, effectively improve the working effect,Build a “fast road” of ecological environment damage compensation.It is reported that since the implementation of the mechanism, pinghu Procuratorate has started the pre-lawsuit procedure and supported the administrative organs to carry out 30 ecological environment consultation cases such as environmental pollution, illegal fishing of aquatic products and destruction of wildlife resources.In this way, ecological and environmental damage has been compensated in a timely manner, illegal acts have been thoroughly rectified, administrative organs have fully performed their duties, and procuratorial and supervisory functions have been given full play.The implementation of coordinated supervision “one ruler” will promote the Yangtze River Delta region ecological environment co-protection joint governance administrative boundary, boundless environmental protection.”In practice, we have realized that if environmental protection is carried out independently and without coordination, it is easy to have the situation of ‘one side is pushing the wall, the other side is pushing the wall’. In the end, we have spent a lot of energy, but the result of governance is not ideal.”Pinghu Deputy procurator-general li Yunlin said.Therefore, pinghu’s brothers, Yangtze river delta city hand in hand, actively explore the implementation of cross-regional cooperation mechanism, and jinshan district of Shanghai, jiashan county people’s procuratorate jointly issued “on the across different provinces watershed ecological environmental administrative public interest litigation division coordination opinions, establish clues to feedback, result report for the record, the three different ground to assist the handling mechanism,We will unify the law enforcement standards and judicial handling standards for inter-provincial ecological and environmental administrative public interest litigation, and promote high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta through inter-provincial ecological and environmental inspection and protection.In addition, the pinghu procuratorate also with Shanghai’s pudong new area, district prosecutor and cixi city people’s procuratorate in shangyu, shaoxing district procuratorate seven agreed procuratorial organs, such as establishing the case jointly handle cases, technical collaboration mechanism, such as clear in related fields found in the process of performing duties involve other court public interest litigation cases clues,They shall take the initiative to transfer the case clue and relevant materials to the relevant hospital within 7 working days.”A ruler measures to the end, cohesion of the Yangtze River Delta region prosecutorial joint force, reflects the integrated protection pattern, in handling specific cross-regional public interest litigation cases effectively improve the quality and efficiency of prosecutorial supervision.”Li Yunlin told reporters.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com