How did you fall in love with coffee?

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Think back to when you started drinking coffee.It is because of work pressure, staying up late, friends ordering a cup of coffee in a cafe, or borrowing a cup of coffee from a colleague or roommate, or going out to have a cup of coffee that opens the door to a new world…Whatever the reason, coffee is entering our lives as fast as a programmer can tap into code, embedded in everyday life.According to the “2020-2025 China’s Coffee Industry Market Demand and Investment Planning Analysis Report” released by The Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, China’s coffee drink market has entered a stage of rapid development, the sales of Chinese coffee is rising, according to statistics, the average annual growth rate of domestic coffee consumption reached 15%, far higher than the world’s 2% growth rate.The growth rate in first – and second-tier cities is as high as 30%.Why did coffee become popular in China?(1) coffee is an office worker lives, why melancholy only (2) the coffee is social darling, just a cup of coffee quickly reduce the distance of each other (3) is the existence of yue has a life without a drink a latte, American (4) if there are worries about a cup of coffee was feeling in life rituals, one hand coffee, the coffee, countless a Gordian knot in my life,Anyway, little deer does feel that more and more people are drinking coffee now. By the way, I would like to share with you four healthy coffee drinking tips.1. We have always stressed that coffee is good, but we should not drink too much of it.The average healthy adult should limit caffeine intake to 400mg per day, and if you don’t know the caffeine content of your coffee, ask about it at the time of purchase.A single bar of black coffee like Black Deer has 40 milligrams of caffeine, which is safe to drink.A tall, grande, venti American at Starbucks has about 150, 200, and 300 milligrams of caffeine.2 Drink coffee with less sugar drink coffee with no extra sugar, especially for people who lose weight or control sugar, more attention should be paid to sugar intake.3. It’s best to drink coffee at these times because coffee is mostly used to wake you up, so try to drink it black during the day, after breakfast and lunch.Try not to drink it too late in case it interferes with sleep.Except for those who need to stay up late.4 coffee not everyone is suitable for a variety of individual reason, coffee is not for everyone, some people to caffeine intolerance or lactose intolerance, will because drank coffee after your body produces discomfort, such as palpitations, have loose bowels, be agitated, insomnia, etc ~ so I need according to their own situation to choose whether or not to drink coffee.# coffee # I am deer, love coffee love American, more love life