Hong Kong’s “second king of thieves”, Chan Fu Kui, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his death as a Vietnam war veteran

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He is the “second generation of the king of thieves”, police deployed a whole month of ambush, he was able to rob, unharmed escape, the police humiliated.He is Ji Bingxiong “bandits road” guide, when he was arrested, is ji Bingxiong’s day.He is Chen Huju from the “Big Circle Gang”.Chen Huju, born in 1961, is a native of Hunan.After his capture, Chen hu-chu confessed to having fought in the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War and said he was a veteran of the 41st Army.In 1981, Chen Hu-chu came to Hong Kong to make a living, but he did not do business like ordinary people, but all the year round in the “big circle gang”.Many of the mainland outlaws are known in Hong Kong as the “Big Circle Gang”, which is more outlandish than the local gangs.Local gangs are generally, a community can gather tens of thousands of people, or even hundreds of thousands of people, to lay down a fixed site to collect protection money, brothels, gambling stalls and so on.”Big Circle gang” is different, it is more scattered, several or more than a dozen people into a group, almost no fixed territory, and specializing in “big tea and dinner” business.(The definition of “big circle gang” and “big tea and rice” was mentioned in the last article, you can click the main page to watch!The first generation of the king of thieves zhang Shixiong, ye Jihuan, Zhang Ziqiang, etc., was arrested and put in prison for 15 years.) Chen Huju led several “big circle gang” people to do many “business”, because most of his subordinates were from Hunan, Chen Huju was called “Hunan tiger”, the gang he led was called “Hunan Gang” in the street.From the later performance, “Hunan gang” can be said to be “big circle gang” in the most aggressive branch.That year Zhang Shixiong known as “ten kou” the first, in 82, 83 years committed numerous serious crimes, robbed gold and silver countless, known as the “king of thieves”, arrested after 15 years in prison.Zhang Shixiong made Chen Huju realize that if they want to be big and strong in their line of work, they have to learn from Zhang Shixiong as “doing big ticket”.And he himself is in the blood of the dead mountain came out of the people, to say that his congenital conditions compared to Zhang Shixiong that is much stronger.In addition to his own strong, his men are also strong, 20 years later committed a serious crime ji Bingxiong is one of the gang.So Chen Huju began to plan the next step of his life, and this step is also the beginning of his own ruin.Because zhang Shixiong things, Sir Began to do other not appear and specialized “big tea and rice” business circle to help quite on guard, using “big circle to help make big circle to help” measures, that is, to send prison “big circle to help” when undercover.In early 1985, Chen tiger hu major opens up a new plan, he took 46 is located in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, the faithful table rows, bought a large number of “black star”, let JiBingXiong collect a large number of body armor, back to the mainland called six other writers, and haven’t made a dent in the former, contact good shipment in advance, a down operation is perfect.As the saying goes, there is no wall without leaks, Chen Huju advance contact next is Sir Sent undercover, from undercover came the news is: Chen Huju will be shipped in mid-April or May.Get the news in advance of Sir Originally planned to kill Chen Huju in advance of the gang, but Chen Huju is cunning, not ready to start before others are not in Hong Kong.On April 1, 1985, Sir Was forced to deploy in the vicinity of the “Faithful Watch Line” from this point in time.Because from the intelligence that Chen Huju this is a big action, so this deployment is not simple.Not only in xiantao, sheraton, hyatt, ambassador, a senior hotel stubs, also in carnarvon road, Nathan Road, a street near the table row “faithfulness” ambush, street vendors, passers-by, even to the taxi driver Sir O people dress up latent, in addition to that, for many police car in a nearby place on standby, if there is an accident, ready to chase.In order to deal with Chen Huju this group, to protect the safety of the people, Sir Can be said to be dedicated to mobilize hundreds of police, made all preparations, as long as they emerge, it will be caught.On the other hand, Chen Huju, worthy of the “Hunan tiger”, vigilance is really high, he seemed to know there is an ambush in general, a whole month did not show up.Until April 30 that day, he took people smuggled to Hong Kong, and at this time to guard a month of Sir Lax early, Chen Huju and others on the same day on the “loyal watch line” to scout.That night in the hotel, Ji Bingxiong and others see Sir Side put out such a large formation waiting for them to enter, did not agree to continue the original plan.Knowing that he was a Veteran of the Vietnam War, Chen hu-ju was not afraid of the siege, so he overcame the criticism and went ahead with the plan the next morning.On Labor Day in 1985, at 10:30 p.m., a group of cleaning ladies were getting ready to leave work at the Faithful Watch Shop when five men burst in and two others stood guard at the door.They were wearing wet black socks, each holding a black star in each hand, and wearing flak jackets under their loose coats.A dark gun pointed at the store staff, no need to speak, shop assistants are scared cold sweat, consciously lying on the ground.Not only table line shop assistants did not expect Chen Huju these people will be so rampant, ambush for a long time Sir Is also so.A masked man took out a 320 jins of drum urn gold hammer straight to put the cabinet hit down, but this hammer down the cabinet did not move.Originally, the table line that was targeted by Chen Huju these people, early to order high-end toughened glass cabinets abroad.No matter how hard the masked man hammered, he smashed two glass cabinets after a long time.You don’t have time for this kind of robbery. When the masked man realizes the urgency of the situation, he just shoots the black Star at the cabinet.The prosperity of Hong Kong is inseparable from nightlife, and Nathan Road is a treasure place with a huge flow of people. Such a big noise in the store immediately attracted dozens or hundreds of passers-by to watch.At the entrance of the store low-key watchful gangster quickly took out waist “black star”, and drink back the crowd of onlookers.The crowd thought they were shooting a movie and looked around for the location of the camera. After all, many movies are shot in this way for realism.It was not until the police, who had been ambushed for a long time, arrived that the crowd knew it was a real robbery and fled in all directions.More than 10 police at the door of the gangster a shooting, two gangster hands, by the street green belt cover, four “black star” tough fight back.Although there are many policemen, the gangsters are mostly those who have actually been to the battlefield, and their marksmanship is more accurate. Although there are few people, their firepower is not weaker than that of the police, and even can be suppressed.After one officer was shot, the others were afraid to take another step and waited for help.When Chen Huju and his gang heard such a great noise outside, they hurried out with their looted watches and gold and silver jewelry.At this time, several more groups of police officers arrived outside. Chen Huju and others stabilized the scene with their excellent marksmanship. Some of them were shot, but they only suffered skin trauma because they were wearing body armor.Chen Huju saw more and more police support, turned back to the store caught a female shop assistant as a hostage, the police can only stop for the safety of hostages.Chen Huju and others with the hostages and robbed the value of the loot of 1.8 million yuan, on the truck prepared in advance, is about to leave.Two foreign policemen, ambushed a few metres away, watched them slacken and suddenly opened fire, empelling their magazine of peanuts.One of the assailants was shot once. Chen huju and others drove away quickly and threw the hostage out of the car on the way. The hostage who was seriously wounded survived.A total of 126 shots were fired. Police fired 86 shots, hitting two assailants, and the assailants fired 40 shots, wounding seven police officers and a bystander.It has to be said that Chen Huju acted outrageously and ruthlessly compared to zhang Shixiong, the “first generation of the king of thieves”, which made the police lose face.Also at this moment, he became the “second generation of the king of thieves” by word of mouth.After a whole month of planning, the police finally let Chen escape. At that time, they also suffered from public pressure, but soon, Chen Huju committed the crime again.On May 17, 1985, Chen Huju and others appeared again. They robbed a gold bank in Lai Chi Kok with lightning speed. They applied the wise saying “the world’s martial arts can only be broken fast” to the extreme.June 12, 1985, less than a month, they targeted a car, not only robbed the car all the port paper, but also wounded the money solver.In the face of such “king of thieves” a group of people, their accurate marksmanship, intrepid group war ability, the strategy of advance and retreat in order, the police is very headache, for a time also do not have a way, can be to wait for the news of undercover.But Chen Huju seems bold, but in fact, he was careful, he suspected that his next agent is undercover, so robbed “loyal watch line” months later still did not contact that undercover agent.By god, things soon turned around.In early September 1985, ji Bingxiong and another gangster left Chen Huju ahead of time to share the loot.Due to lack of manpower, Chen Huju can only recruit new partners, the police prepared three undercover, into Chen Huju group of people.But Chen Huju did not put down his guard for the new man, the undercover are always under surveillance, dare not risk contact with the outside world.To be safe, Chen hu-ju moves to another place every week or two.On the afternoon of September 22, 1985, Chan Ho Kui had to move to his apartment in Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long. He set fire to the apartment so that his partner’s body would not be found.This time the police were very efficient and arrived on the scene shortly after the fire started and saw the two gunmen coming out of the apartment.Was about to come forward for questioning, the two bandits suddenly took out the “black star” hit two rings, forced Sir, and seized a wuling macro light away from the roadside.All of a sudden, the police again fell into helplessness, but this time it was more than a few clues, the dead partner, was met again, the police expected that Chen Hu Ju would be in a hurry to escape from Hong Kong.So Sir Contact the undercover to buy stolen goods, let the undercover again take the initiative to contact Chen Huju, this time Chen Huju’s phone was connected, he asked undercover with a large sum of money to cheng and a restaurant transaction, and said he would leave in the evening of 24.Hearing this news, the police are also anxious, full of time only 2 days.Under such circumstances, the police chose to contact the three undercover agents around Chen Huju.Those three undercover guys are in a very dangerous situation, and if they’re not careful, they’re doomed.September 23, undercover to find the opportunity, with a candy price, let a little boy on the street to the police to send a letter, the letter is a group of Morse code, ordinary people do not understand.Through translation, the undercover agent sent them the place where they are now living, and In order to escape, Chen Huju did not carry many weapons, and each person has only one “black star”.For the police, this is great news, to make sure nothing goes wrong, this time out elite, flying tigers!On the early morning of September 24th, in the dead of night, people were relaxed.Hundreds of police surrounded Chen huju’s den, and 30 members of the flying Tigers led the way, breaking down wooden doors and throwing flashbang grenades and tear gas.After a moment to break in, Chen Huju and others can only be captured.In December 1985, Chen huju was sentenced to 13 years in prison.Ji Bingxiong left early, unpunished for 20 years.A lot of people wonder, why committed such a big case, so light sentence?Because Chen Huju was very cooperative after his arrest, but also turned to be a witness against the “first generation of thieves” Zhang Shixiong committed a number of major cases.His crimes were considerably reduced, while other associates who were arrested received sentences of up to 20 years.Have to say, Chen Huju is Ji Bingxiong “bandits road” guide, his arrest, is ji Bingxiong’s departure.In 1987, After 1985’s “Provincial Flag Soldier”, Mak made another popular film, “Provincial Flag Soldier 2”.While the first film is about zhang Shixiong, the “king of thieves” of the first generation, the protagonists of the second film are not based on Chen Huju, but the three undercover agents who follow him.Starring Tsui Kam-jiang is relying on this film officially into the entertainment industry, “Provincial Flag 2” is Tsui kam-jiang’s debut work, the plot is also quite wonderful, worth watching.