Wanning Administrative examination and approval service Bureau three measures to practice skills, strong quality, improve service

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To further optimize the business environment, continue to promote reform and innovation, a breakthrough in the difficulty, efficiency, service upgrade, wanning administrative approval services in order to enhancing the ability construction as an opportunity to improve service around enterprise ability as the main line, deep “than to learn to catch up with, each other mutual learning” series of activities, the use of good “JieBang 1” “small 2 BBS” backbone lecture hall “and” learning meetings such as the carrier,By means of exchange and interaction, backbone demonstration, simulation examination, case analysis and other ways, to promote the normalization and institutionalization of learning, to truly cultivate a group of post experts, business leaders, service pioneers, to help wanning to create a first-class business environment to contribute more “political” energy.”Opening the list” to stimulate the potential for innovation.On February 17th, wanning administrative approval services issued by the administrative examination and approval of wanning service ability to promote construction year “JieBang headed” listing “, actively explore the “JieBang 1” working mechanism, six stocks chamber 36 m respectively JieBang headed “credit + free trial”, the engineering construction project examination and approval of “to the letter of certificate” and other key reform tasks.Through construction year “JieBang 1” activities, improve the capacity of different jobs for examination and approval of personnel set up across the room and across the window, across the post of team a spearhead of “war”, effective crack development problem of examination and approval, at the same time in the break through the traditional mode of examination and approval, to activate the enthusiasm for examination and approval of personnel’s work ability and the innovation, make personnel with innovative strength can be actively involved,It will help achieve new breakthroughs in optimizing the business environment and comprehensively improve the efficiency of approval services.”Xiao Er Forum” to stimulate endogenous power.How many “zombie-type” social organizations do wanning have?What is the procedure for logging out?What should I do if the person in charge of a “zombie-like” organization cannot be contacted and logged out?A problem – oriented, to solve the “zombie” organization to cancel the difficult “small forum” is a fierce battle.Wu Dandan, director of the unit office, answered all kinds of “censure” of the participants one by one, and put forward suggestions to solve the difficult problems.For accurate and effective cleaning “zombie” social organization, better stimulate inner vigor of social organizations, social service room comrades working overtime study of related problems, and connecting with the social organization yearly check, daily supervision to formulate solutions, and to the towns (area) and straight sent by the competent business unit “of relevant social organizations to solicit opinion letter of cancellation registration,A total of 248 “zombie-type” social organizations were listed, and 183 were given a deadline to rectify the situation.”Add color week by week” to stimulate the vitality of the work.In order to further stimulate the advanced and spur the backward, simplify the application materials, optimize the examination and approval process and shorten the examination and approval time, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the departments, Windows and staff, improve the examination and approval service efficiency and create an atmosphere of “everyone participates”.On February 14th, wanning Administrative examination and approval service organization held the commendation meeting of “Everyone participates, adding color every week” to commend the winning units and individuals.Four Gary Li yangdan, Chen Yiyan, Zheng Ru, Xiao Zexiong and three window units won the award of “Everyone joining in optimizing business environment and adding achievements week by week”.Wanning relevant person in charge of the administrative examination and approval service, said the next step, will continue to in construction activities as an opportunity to improve the capacity around improving the capacity of service enterprises as the main line, the unity leads all party member cadres and workers to practice ability, strong quality, service, launch more more in line with the enterprise the management demand of service measures, make examination and approval of speed, service temperature of the government affairs service environment,To help Hainan build a first-class business environment, we will explore more “Wanning” models that can be used for reference, copied and promoted.Editor: CAI Danyan Review: Chen Mingsi Supervisor: Zhuo Linzhi