The guye Area Ecological and Environmental Protection Leading Group held its fourth meeting in 2022

2022-06-12 0 By

On February 6, Chen Yanjie, secretary of the District Party Committee, presided over the fourth meeting of the ecological and environmental protection leading group in 2022, listening to the report of the ecological and environmental protection goals in 2022, and making arrangements for the next step of environmental protection work.The meeting stressed that this year’s environmental protection work is facing severe situation and greater pressure.All people in the region must focus on the targets and tasks, continue to work hard to win the battle against air pollution.It is necessary to coordinate the prevention and control of water and soil pollution, pay close attention to the ecological restoration of mines, speed up the progress of the clean water project and the target task of underground water pressure mining, further improve the level of fine and scientific control of national and provincial control points, and ensure the implementation of the decisions and arrangements of environmental protection work in our district.