Guangbo Toyota 1.5L Corolla group purchase will click to join the group

2022-06-12 0 By

Guangzhou Guangbo Toyota new 1.5L new Corolla hot car ordering, the choice of 49 million owners around the world, the car price straight down 16000 yuan, buy a car do license one-stop service, shop head card is convenient and fast, many beautiful number free you choose, now the car source is more than others, the license service is faster than others, buy a car can enjoy 60% down payment 2 years 0 interest,Down payment 40%1 year 0 interest, 20% down payment 2-5 years low interest, more additional loan, no this loan, extended warranty loan, worry-free loan, feng enjoy loan, three insurance worry-free loan, pastoral loan (505), easy to finance rent and other financial policies.Replacement policy: exclusive enjoy free gift, buy a car in February more enjoy ten thousand yuan bag!Interested friends can go to the shop to consult and buy, the specific discount information is as follows:Promotion time from February 20, 2022 to February 21, 2022 preferential conditions on the store insurance, the store brand Corolla latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Guangzhou quotation dual-engine 1.8LE-cvt Pioneer edition 135,800 RMB 117,800 RMB 1.2T S-CVT Deluxe Edition 135,800 RMB 1.2T S-CVT Flagship edition 145,800 RMB 1.2T S-CVT Flagship edition 129,800 RMB 1.8LE-cvt Elite Edition 1.8L E-CVT Flagship Edition 159,800, 141,800, 1.2T S-CVT Pioneer PLUS Edition 122,800, 106,800, 1.2TS-cvt Elite PLUS Edition 128,800 RMB 116,600 RMB 112,800 RMB 1.5L MANUAL Pioneer edition 109,800 RMB 116,600 RMB 93,800 RMB 1.5L CVT Pioneer Edition 119,800 RMB 116,600 RMB 103,800 RMB 1.5LCVT Elite Edition 127,800 RMB 116,800 RMB 1.5L CVT Elite CARE Edition 132,800 RMB 116,800 RMB 1.5L CVT GR SPORT Edition 136,800 RMB 116,600 RMB 128,800 RMB