Big New Year’s day, with the flow of people on the bear Ear Ling to play, shannan mountain north people have come, what is on the mountain

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It is said that the New Year flavor in the countryside is stronger than in the city!Maybe it is, after eating dumplings, I call my friends to play on the Bear ear Ridge with the stream of people.There is nothing!From the town of Tanghe to the north, along an intermittent river up, less than 10 kilometers, at the end of the river at the beginning of the uphill, there are intermittent snow on the road.At the top of the building, you can turn to the left hand fork road. At a distance of dozens of meters, there is a platform full of vehicles, including motorcycles and agricultural tricycles, which looks like a rural temple fair.On the right are two temples built side by side, probably not very old, but the incense is very strong.So everyone is here to burn incense ah!Standing in the parking lot, the mountain wind was blowing, and compared to the intermittent snow on the south side of the hill, the north side of the hill was covered with snow, obviously a different world.Left a high mountain gate, straight thorn blue sky, eaves high teeth, lofty spectacular.The gate was built on the north windward side, and the steps were covered with snow, but they had been trampled.According to local mountaineers, the wonder of Bear ear Mountain lies in the fact that it is divided into two parts, especially on the north side, where snow does not gradually merge until summer.”Snow in The Ears of Bears” was one of the “Eight Scenes of Lu” in ancient times, which was well known and sung by scholars and writers.Bears Ears has been developed many times, and in addition to the lofty gate, there are also excellent hiking trails, all bluestone, perfect for hiking.Perhaps because the development was not completed, bears Ears mountain is now free, hiking, burning incense, is ok.People come here in summer to escape the heat and in winter to enjoy the snow.And every Spring Festival, is up and down the north and south sides of the people climb, burn incense and make a wish must go to the place.Besides the two temples at the foot of the mountain, zu Shi temple is built at the top of the mountain, and there are many small temples along the way.A few years ago, there was a Taoist priest from Nanyang who was practicing on the mountain. He came home because of old age and was told that he had died.Now there is an old lady under the mountain here to greet pilgrims.The magical Xiong ‘er Mountain, a sacred place in the hearts of local people, is part of the eastern remnant of the Qinling Mountains.Xionger Mountain is located at the junction of Funiu mountain range and Xionger Mountain range. Most importantly, it is located at the junction of Qinling-Huaihe River, the natural boundary between geography and climate in China.Shannan belongs to the Yangtze River basin. Yigangou River flows out from Shannan, and flows into The Old Stork River after reaching the Tanghe River, and then flows southward into the Han River and reaches the Yangtze River.Mountain north outflow a horizontal stream river, seven inch street, horizontal stream into the Luo River, luoyang and reach the Yellow River, a typical Yellow River basin.Rivers are like this, and geological structures differ significantly from north to south.The north of the mountain is steep, with many cliffs, straight up and down and slightly tilted to the inside. It is quite like the mountain bowing to the main peak, which brings out the best in the legend on the mountain and has the ancient scenery of “Bear Mountain snow”, so it is of great tourist value.The south slope is gentle, are thick deciduous broad-leaved oak forest.With the tanghe hot spring at the foot of the mountain, the mountain is very different from the north, not only is “Yin and Yang cut faint dawn”, but also no problem of the “north and south”.Xiong er Ling is not high, only 1569 meters, in the western Henan mountains, not particularly outstanding, but “Yu daoluo from xiong Er”, making it a historical and cultural mountain.And the legend of Lao Jun, added to bear ear Mountain Taoist color.In those days, Lao Jun left Taolin County and went south to Xiong ‘er Mountain after he had written the Tao Te Ching, a five-thousand-word book, in Hanggu. He saw the beautiful mountains and rivers and the pleasant scenery, so he decided to live in seclusion and practice here.Which ever thought ancestor master also took a fancy to this place, a buttock sitting on the top of the hill not to go, the top of the hill sitting crooked into “crooked mouth mountain”.Laozi had no choice but to bear the pain to give up the Bear Ear Mountain to his father, he now to the east of Luanchuan Laojun Mountain, completed the fruit.And the father also in bear ear mountain to achieve the fruit, both become the Gods of Taoism.Therefore, at the very top of Xiong ‘er Mountain, only zushi Temple firmly occupies the highest peak, enjoying a party of incense alone.At the same time, it has established xiong ‘er Mountain as a famous Taoist mountain.