The province’s first batch of strategic emerging industry cluster list, Pingdingshan this list

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, the province’s first batch of strategic emerging industry cluster list, a total of 15 selected in the province, pingdingshan intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial cluster to pingdingshan high-tech Zone as the core area organization declared on the list, pingdingshan is the only strategic emerging industry cluster on the list.It is understood that the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster is a new functional material industry cluster of pingdingshan city renewal in the first batch of national strategic new industry cluster and a good news, is one of the city’s industrial transformation and upgrading of important achievements of the construction of the demonstration area, improving the capacity of industrial base for pingdingshan high-tech zone, and do the superior advantage dominant industry, strengthen the innovation breakthrough and integration development,We will foster and expand high-growth industries and lay a solid foundation for future industries.In recent years, pingdingshan high-tech zone around high quality development goals, give full play to the existing industry, technology, brand and talent advantages, actively promote electrical equipment manufacturing industry to the intelligent direction, the implementation of the smart torch hi-tech park, cross-border equipment industrial park, electrical science and technology industrial park, a batch of intelligent equipment such as financial equipment industrial park industrial park construction,It has extended from high voltage and ultra high voltage to medium and low voltage level, and extended from the host of power transmission and transformation switch products to relevant supporting and cooperation links. Supporting capacity and intelligent level of industrial development have been continuously improved.At present, Pingdingshan High-tech Zone has 53 high-tech enterprises, 105 technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, and 64 r&d platforms and entrepreneurship carriers above the municipal level. It ranks 74th in the national high-tech Zone ranking in 2021, ranking 14 places by a large scale, and has achieved five consecutive increases.Source: Henan Daily client