The New District Library held a “Lantern riddles guessing” activity with prizes

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Everywhere on the arrival of the Lantern Festival is permeated with the festive atmosphere of the festival, to promote national unity progress ShiFan create work, rich people’s spiritual and cultural life, active festal atmosphere, celebrate the New Year, power games, February 14 solstice on February 15, “long teng hu yue song Laughter guessing lantern riddles “contests in the new library,For the vast masses of the people of my district brought a rich spiritual and cultural feast.Guessing lantern riddles is a traditional intelligence game with a long history. It originated from the eight diagrams of the Book of Changes in China. It has been popular and loved by the masses since ancient times.For this activity, the New city Library carefully prepared 200 riddles of different styles in a variety of forms, the content of knowledge, interesting in one, not only close to the life of citizens, but also full of cultural color.Guess riddles, citizens all readers read riddle, or meditation alone, or groups of “research” cooperation, for guessing their, some even have a guess not to come out will give up momentum, fluttering striped and surging crowd that event is full of festive scene ticket’s readers to get the award very happy,The two-day lantern riddles guessing event came to a successful end.This activity not only promotes the traditional Culture of the Chinese nation, but also lets everyone enjoy the fun of guessing riddles, which is loved by the majority of residents and readers and creates a festive and peaceful festival atmosphere.Written by feng Xiaoyan Edited by Xu Xiangchun