The 15th Army of Liu Changyi prepared for xuchang

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When the division was regrouping and training in the suburbs of Xinzheng County, it was ordered to go to Xuchang after the Spring Festival in 1944 to fight against the Japanese army.Lv Gongliang knew that it was the duty of soldiers to resist foreign aggression, and the new 29th division formed a short time, without the test of the war, to meet the war against Japan, in the new 29th division stationed in Xuchang soon, with “three good” as the standard for rest military training.Three good things are: first, a good mind, everyone as one for the country;Two. It is good health, on the battlefield can fight can fight;Third, the weapons are well maintained and will not break down when fighting.Strict discipline was also enforced.Lu gongliang asked officers and soldiers at all levels to do public buying and selling without disturbing the people.Once, when the army was training outside the city before the war, a soldier took food from a certain restaurant without paying for it.After Lv Gongliang learned that, according to military discipline, let the soldier kneel on the roadside self-narration and repentance.In terms of building fortifications, the defenders built forts based on the old wall of Xuchang that had been torn down and there was still a moat to use, and built heavy and heavy bunker to form a cross fire network.Trenches, each one ten feet deep and two feet wide, were dug in front of the position. They were connected with machine-gun shelters and battalion and company command posts for communication and for transporting supplies and ammunition.Outside the trenches is barbed wire, there are deer barns outside the net, and there are wire mines in depth.Lv Gongliang confident xuchang periphery with friendly forces in all directions with the blocking, the first war zone deputy commander of the department at any time to send reinforcements to support, Xuchang and this trench barriers, it is possible to stick to Xuchang.In order to defend the position, we mobilized the field and cleaned up the interior from top to bottom while deploying defense and fortifications.April 23, 1944 From the first to the 28th day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, sporadic battles took place in Shutou Village and Monk Bridge over 20 times.Division Commander Lu predicted that this was the prelude to a storm, and the main enemy force would be preparing for a general attack on us.At that time, the Japanese aggressives north China army commander Okamura Ning times in person in Zhengzhou to supervise the war, the enemy 37 division about two wings to changge southwest and monk bridge;The enemy 62nd division, the 4th cavalry brigade and the 3rd tank Division were divided into three routes to surround Xuchang in the south, while the 9th brigade was interpenetrated in the southwest.Xuchang was besieged and helpless, facing the danger of annihilation.In accordance with the order of the commander of the First Theater Command, the new 42nd Division, with a regiment of troops, took the initiative to counterattack the Japanese troops shortly after they captured Monk Bridge on April 26, 1944, at dawn on the fourth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar. It engaged in fierce fighting for about two hours and broke the Japanese troops’ spirits.The 37th Japanese Division confessed, “This counterattack by the newly organized 29th Division”, “shows that the Chongqing army has strengthened its guard around Xuchang”, “in order not to stimulate the Chongqing army near Xuchang and occupy the south of the east-west line of Zhangdi Street, we must control the action.April 26, 1944 The Japanese 12th Army issued the order to attack Xuchang on April 4 of the lunar calendar.Accordingly, the commander of the 62nd Division ordered the 63rd infantry brigade to advance to the vicinity of Shibuzui and Houhe town with some troops. The advance team set up search points immediately after arriving at Houhe town at 11 o ‘clock on April 26 to reconnive the situation and terrain around Quandian and Lingjing.April 28, 1944 After dusk on the sixth day of the fourth lunar month, Japanese forces secretly pushed south.The Japanese sixty-two division ordered sixty-three brigade to Advance to Luo Zhuang, Zhao Zhuang line, 64 brigade to Zhang Gudian line forward.On the night of April 6 in the Lunar calendar on April 28, 1944, brigade commanders and other team leaders were summoned to a meeting at the Headquarters of the Xiaolizhuang Division, where they explained the division’s future operational intentions and issued relevant orders.The Japanese 37th division in the night of April 28, the front line troops into the monk bridge after the front, quickly sent the left advance party to zhangdi Street near, right advance party to duzhai near the transfer, in addition to reconnaissance in front of the situation, responsible for covering the main division forward.In the middle of April 1944, after the Japanese army broke through zhongmou defensive line, Xu Chang felt even more constricted. On the afternoon of April 2 of the lunar calendar, April 24, 1944, he held a meeting of pledging officers above platoon level in the Te people’s Club in the city and invited people from all circles of local parties, governments and organizations to participate in the mobilization before the war.People from all walks of life and officers and soldiers in the face of the brutal Japanese army in vain to destroy my Chinese ambition, in the oath meeting have said, resist foreign aggression, against the Japanese, is not only the army into the duty, but also the Chinese children’s duty.Lu Gongliang said at the meeting, “We have been raising troops for a thousand days and have been using them for a while. Now we are at the last moment.We must have the confidence to win “, “Lu Gongliang is willing to live and die with Xu Chang together with his fellow villagers.We will defend xuchang city with all our soldiers to the death.”After the meeting executed three traitors, published a report to the city’s old people, expressed the determination of the new 29th division to defend Xuchang, and planned to evacuate the local party and government organs and businesses.At that time, the troops guarding xuchang consisted of the newly formed 29th Division (with jurisdiction over 85th, 86th and 873rd regiments) and two self-defense squadrons of the Xuchang Commissioner’s Office, numbering about 3,000.On the defense of Xuchang, the regimental headquarters was set up at the Sanli Bridge.Lv Gongliang ordered eighty-five regiment first battalion to keep the north gate and the north gate of the stronghold, battalion commander is Han Xince;The second battalion guarding the east gate and the outer stronghold, battalion commander Li Shusen;The third battalion guarding the east gate sanli bridge area stronghold, battalion commander Huang Xicheng said that the stronghold is a support point outside Xuchang;The second battalion sent the fifth company stationed in zuzhuang, as an outpost of the regiment, the task is to fight after the battle, stop the enemy’s vanguard, to xuchang main position to prepare for battle time.After the troops arrived in Xuchang, Division commander Lu Gongliang first carried out training for officers and soldiers, emphasizing that all officers and soldiers must be loyal to the country.In the deployment of xuchang city defense, the new eighty-five regiment of the 29th division served as the guard of the city’s eastern and northern positions, the regiment headquarters in the east of the city sanli bridge, a rich man surnamed Wang’s hospital, at that time the military and the people were harmonious.The first battalion battalion headquarters in Luozhuang, the first battalion in a company of defensive areas in hewan, Zhaowan.The position faced north.When preparing for the war, Zhang led the whole company to dig a trench four meters deep and four meters wide in front of the position. After the trench, a abysmal and barbed wire were installed, followed by a landmine group and finally the infantry positions and bunkers. The whole fortification was quite solid.Before the construction of the fortifications, Yang had called a meeting of all the company commanders, repeatedly told us to observe discipline, minimize the loss of the common people.Troops to Xuchang soon, Yang Shangwu head of the wife with her six-year-old daughter Yang Ruoxing also came to Xuchang, because the combat readiness training task was tense and heavy, so Yang Shangwu head rarely with family reunion.He also told the guards not to let his wife and children in during the meeting.Remember once after a meeting, Yang Shangwu called his wife and children to meet with everyone.Xiao Ruoxing is so smart and lovely that we all call her “Xiao Xing”.Under the hint of her father, she sang many songs of patriotic Anti-Japanese War for us, which made the atmosphere suddenly active.At that time, I thought, a just sensible children know what is patriotic, I as a soldier, should be in the battlefield bravely fight, anti-japanese national salvation.On April 28, 1944, around the sixth day of the fourth lunar month, the Japanese army sent two small groups of troops to make tentative attacks on Xuchang City. Although there was contact, neither side suffered casualties.On April 29, 1944, at 5 o ‘clock on the seventh day of the fourth month in the lunar calendar, the main force of the Division also advanced to luozhuang. Due to the severe beating of our troops in Lingjing and Quandian, the division changed its plan to attack Yu County after occupying Quandian and Lingjing, and turned south to attack Xuchang and Xiangcheng.Before dawn on April 29, 1944, the main forces of the Division assembled and arranged in the east and west lines of Shangji, from Qilidian to the west end of Wangzhuang.Another main force by banpo Shop, long shop street, into the sun set line.The Japanese independent mixed seventh brigade assembled in the south of Xuchang, arranged in xuchang to Linying road east.The Japanese cavalry fourth brigade assembled and arranged in the five female shop to the stone bridge line.The 11th Independent Field Artillery Regiment, newly assigned to the 37th Division, arrived from Mixian at 17:30 on The 29th and advanced to the southwest of Xuchang.At this point, many troops composed of the Japanese army, has completed the depth of the siege of Xuchang.Responsible for the attack of Xuchang main Japanese 37th division commander General Nagano, on April 29, monk bridge issued the order to capture Xuchang, decided to attack at dawn on April 30.The attack team that attacked the north gate of Xuchang that night had captured Shangji, and the headquarters of the division also reached the White Rabbit Temple in Hejie township at 6 o ‘clock on April 30.To be continued — Yang Chunxi: The character Jiankang.No. Qingpo Lay.Claiming to stay green scattered people.Changge Guanting Township Chen Guanzhuang Yangzhuang village.February 15, 1996 completed in Changge editor: Wang Baoting.