SUV is star yue L good, or hao Yue, Hafu first love cost-effective better?

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SUV is star yue L good, or hao Yue, Hafu first love cost-effective better?Introduction: Finally look forward to the officer.I wonder if everyone thinks of me?Thank you for the officer’s advice, and wish everyone on the line everything goes well, dreams come true, confident, without delay, I today a analysis of these contents:A lot of dad are aware that the off-road performance of SUV models can be said to be recognized, with the benefits of small engine burden, quality grounding gas, but also have excellent driving feelings, SUV is simply like a duck in water, also become a number of migrant workers to drive.And then more and more workers are recognized, the author will be objective and impartial observer point of view for the small friends who understand the car in-depth talk about the market recognized, the appearance of a high level of large model of the flash, these are the little sister car experience summary.Let’s see which one you like better!The first model, The Xingyue L, ranges from 137,200 to 185,200. Sales analysis of Xingyue L: As a member of Geely Auto group, the market performance of Xingyue L has been excellent since its launch, and the price of Xingyue L is also attractive, so it has been pursued by many younger brothers.After the following multi-party inquiry: Recently, The Star Yue L continued to make efforts, and confidently set foot on the 28th position with a good result of 1.20W. The progress of the Star YUE L is in our eyes, and it is one of the most arrogant and brilliant stars, even more powerful than other SUV models.To be honest, There are still some shortcomings of Singyue L, but the confidence of Singyue L is the top level of the market.The reason is probably that the market influence of Star YUE L is visible to us.And whether it is handling or economic fuel and other aspects are easily able to beat a number of high-end market mainstream models.Many observers must have this kind of feeling: if the star yue L then maintain the advantage and one hundred feet pole head, it is estimated that soon will be in this no smoke of the car market on the field to win the models.The overall body of The Star Yue L is very noble, and the paint looks very attractive to me. Meanwhile, the shining lines of the Star Yue L extend smoothly from the front part to the rear part, presenting the body posture of the star Yue L beautifully and magnificently., the more L front face still have temperament, and also very grounding line, the winding family-owned line gradually to internal contraction, like transformers, beautifully dressed, very powerful, at the same time combined with a unique pair of headlights distribution on both sides, through the type line and the inside of the decoration is very perfect, very suitable for me after this rates.Size analysis: The size of The Star Cross L is pretty awesome, and it looks very cozy.Its storage space is also very generous, tablet computers, condoms and a number of gadgets can be easily packed into the entire length of the star L 4770 mm, and the width and height of 1895mm and 1689mm respectively, such a length will not feel crowded even if the back seat is filled with many small friends.This shows that the star crossing L used for attendance is enough.That’s pretty good.Moreover, the size of the trunk of the Star Yue L is relatively reliable, even if it is easy to put in some drinks, clocks and so on.Look up to give a person a kind of powerful and unyielding impression, xiaobian feel more gratified.The power part, many people feel that the Star Yue L is quite good, because it can release 150 extraordinary power in a short period of time, matched with the 3-speed DHT transmission, many owners think that the Star Yue L has extraordinary power performance, which is quite good.It is worth noting that the engine block is a major feature of the Starlite L. The engine block is made of aluminum alloy, so it can be reduced in size.When it comes to engine displacement, only the Turbine version is available: the engine displacement is 1.5 tons. The current engine displacement is 1.5 tons.To the point: I think that as a member of Geely Auto, the Star Cross L is no doubt particularly durable in the 180,000-class SUV camp.The appearance level of Xingyue L can be said to be stunning, and the body creates a very obvious atmosphere of science and technology, which makes people blossom.Secondly, the leg extension of the Star Cross L is great, it feels good to sit in, and it is also easy to drive, which is probably one of the key reasons why it is so popular in the market.Car friends comment 2: The fuel economy of the Xingyue L is certainly worth the recognition of the masses of consumers. It is estimated that due to the power combination of the Xingyue L, it can better meet the economic needs of more workers.To say the truth, the next scene more basic urban commuter, occasionally run national highway road, in addition is worth thumb up, although the L look like a heavy star, but fuel consumption or a spectrum, integrated fuel consumption value is about 8.2 a oil every hundred kilometers, so it seems, star, the more L fuel consumption performance was acceptable, should also be low fuel consumption in the field of suvs.Therefore, the author is very pleased, and the subordinates around me all praise that Xingyue L is very worthy of our praise, which can be called the masterpiece of Geely Automobile.To tell you the truth, if you travel in the middle of nowhere for a long time, you probably use a lot more fuel.The author is a dapper college student, the burden of fuel is very small, because usually only under a little squeeze a little dating expenses, it is equivalent to earn back the oil money.So, for me that’s pretty cool.Even though the run-in time of Star L is not very long at present, it is hoped that the fuel consumption of Star L will continue to drop after the run-in period.A lot of old friends feel this way:Chassis systems “thief” resilient, although the star, the more L can in turn the difficult to roll over, but every time come into poor road conditions, clever will be part of the vehicle suspension assembly shock filter to pass on to the passengers, older passengers, sit inside is likely to be aware of the following pp very embarrassed.There is a didiu diu less satisfied with is that the chassis of the Star yue L always wind noise is very harsh, especially when entering the steep slope section of potholes, it will be more obvious, in addition, when shifting, you can faint feel the sense of frustration is particularly strong.I went to ask the customer service staff of the terminal store, but later I also said I didn’t know what the problem was.In addition, 1. The plastic odor phenomenon of interior decoration of Star Yue L is relatively uncomfortable.3. The sound insulation effect is somewhat unsatisfactory. The more luxurious the model 2 is, the more eye-catching and down-to-earth it is, which makes many friends feel the impulse of love at first sight.Hao Yue’s front face high appearance level, very imposing, like a lovely tiger’s head, the size of the net is not particularly large, it looks particularly concise, and hao Yue’s long and narrow door handle position combined with large size, small chrome decoration wing led headlights are very characteristic, look up to have a noble feeling.And the side of the hao Yue adopts the mainstream slip back style, the waist line can be said to be very skinny, the roof line has been extended from the B-pillar position, has been through the car’s tail position, further emphasizing the personality of the Hao Yue.And the car body paint has been polished, quite beautiful.The design of the tail box is very good, and it is matched with dazzling LED taillights. Therefore, many readers feel that the appearance style of Hao Yue is very creative.All my boyfriends think Ho-yue is amazing.Miss Zheng, a non-famous car critic, commented: at the end of each month when the money on hand is not very abundant, at this time will drive the hao yue to the outside, at present feel the hao yue is very good to open, even if the length is particularly long, but the performance is very intimate.The third model hafu first love 78,900 ~ 112,900 hafu first love appearance level I personally like, very good, the net position quite closely followed the current trend of orientation, and even spread the whole front face.At the same time, the style of the LED headlamp of the position of hafu’s first love appears to be very lively, the overall chassis is quite low, and the supporting sex is quite good, which still feels targeted in the street.The waist line of exquisite float convex runs through to car tail all the way before face, fine and round, on the other hand, its taillight has administrative levels feeling very, the temperament of movement, collect inside makes a person unforgettable, look special spirit.I since bought hafu first love, feel it more and more see more pleasing to the eye.About the interior comment of hafu first love: I love the interior style of Hafu first love is very recognized: the material is very luxurious, the assembly process is very powerful, and the panel is smooth, and the buttons below and the physical keys also have obvious damping effect, which is the heartfelt evaluation of many car critics on hafu first love.In addition, the high-end steering wheel weight is “times” light, the shape is very eye-catching, steering sensitive, for passengers to provide quite comfortable driving experience.On the other hand, hafu first love of the seat color and interior collocation is very reasonable, the processing of the internal fit degree is also very good, and the interior padding of the seat mostly uses cortical delicate materials, sit up quite relaxed, long-distance seven or eight “hour”, there is no feeling legs are very uncomfortable.It is worth noting that The first love of Harvard has not found a little smell so far.Meanwhile, the noise inside the car is almost inaudible.So even prolonged companionship is particularly gratifying.In addition, hafu first love explosive power can be said to be “thief” good, I and my friends are involuntarily surprised, speed up not drag, as long as you are willing to oil, speed effect came up in a flash.And its push-back feeling is also quite strong, the effect of noise reduction is also very good, the process of acceleration is almost felt below the engine exit and intervention, comfort and other details are also very good.In addition, because the power of The first love is enough to catch the eye, and the first love is very light and easy in the full state, so there is no need to improve the dynamic performance too much.Hafu first love owner he Grandma commented on it: Hafu first love is the advantage of the appearance level is very eye, and very aggressive side leakage, nearly 5 meters long, the headlights for the fashionable integral style, the night is pretty lovely.And harvard on either side of the first love of the handle and the China open position before the blackened upgrades, chrome plated article is ground, the headlight of the quadrature in the compasses in and form the unique design, and yi yi is unripe brightness led headlamps on either side, seem to be more fashionable and suction eye, moreover, at the first love of a collection type hub is absolutely is the sign of guide young trend.The size is also very moderate, the whole style is very good.Power and force pull wind, at the same time do not make public also do not feel inferior.At the same time, there are smooth style lines, the front bumper is cute, mellow, showing a pure elegant luxury feeling.And the effect of noise reduction in the mainstream competing SUV can be said to be particularly brilliant, I prefer a quiet environment.The space of the trunk of Hafu’s first love is also excellent, even if it is easy to put a lot of suitcases.I have been running for half a month, and I feel good now.In general, hafu first love cost performance is very good after all, since hafu first love author Jun family often go out to run.There is nothing to complain about.Hudada, the owner of Hafu’s first love, commented:I used to be a fine rich generation, likes to make friends, so like vanity, not the eyes see is beautiful car, but since of the car, every time go out to run the business feel very face, just touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, comfort is also in place at the same time, the child kept asking me outside at first love is what things?I said: Harvard First Love is your father’s best car.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, for the evaluation of harvard love nature is absolutely assured, good price “Fried chicken”, not only through efficiency at the same time also is quite great, the childhood is particularly “means” car, after years of unremitting efforts, now finally have a private at the first love, also feel very comfortable, very boss level noble feeling, there is less fuel consumption at the same time,Absolutely perfect for my travel needs.Comments of Ms. He, the owner of Hafu’s first love:Hafu first love control is very comfortable, appearance level is also quite good, small make up comments on the above are all SUV, generally speaking, the retail price of different grades of models will be different, after checking that star L, hafu first love within the lowest 4S quoted 173,700, 101,600 and 109,900.Unconsciously came to the end of the article, do not know the above show these SUVs which is the most optimistic about it?I would like to thank you for your reading and wish all of you in front of the screen happiness, success and success.If everyone likes small make up, might as well give a praise oh.SUV is star yue L good, or hao Yue, Hafu first love cost-effective better?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang