Now “big immortal”!

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Recently, a woman pretending to be a ghost flicker others, fraud money, public security jizhou branch will be arrested and lawfully disposed of.”You have the devil pressure, Yin sheng, good luck can be strange” “your family grave was planted things, ancestors angry, you will have a bloody disaster”……Li moumou mouthed words, every say, let du and friends around nervous unceasingly.Originally, Li mou is du mou recently invited “feng shui big fairy”.Du runs a Buddha shop in Jizhou district, Xu, Zhang often patronize here, one to two, three people will be familiar.Recently, three people everything is not good, talk about this matter, Du mou proposed to find a “big fairy” to help transport.Three people hit it off, come forward by Du Li mou.Du and the other three believed in Li’s feng shui numerology and were eager to find a way to break bad luck.At this time Li told three people, need Buddha for incense waste to eliminate disaster, and its regular practice for three people, difficult in the home can be easily solved, protect family peace, everything goes well, and collect from three people the so-called incense fee nearly twenty thousand yuan.However, many days later Xu mou found that the fortune of the family did not improve, they contacted Li Mou to inquire, but its difficult to justify.Found to be cheated xu to the state branch of public security all state police station alarm.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation and soon determined the identity of Li Mou.In recent days.Police rushed to Xuzhou, Jiangsu province to investigate, with the cooperation of local police, the suspect Li was arrested.After interrogation, suspect Li mou (female, 39 years old, jiangsu province) to the use of feudal superstition means fraud Xu and other people money confessed.At present, Li Mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures by public security jizhou branch, was cheated money has been returned to the victim, the case is being further tried.The police urged the general public to get rid of feudal and superstitious thoughts consciously, advocate science, improve the ability to distinguish right and wrong, do not believe in disasters from heaven, the treatment of disease to eliminate disasters and other superstitious said.Once you find yourself cheated, you should call 110 for help and actively assist the public security organs in handling the case.The public security organs will severely crack down on those who defraud others of money by playing tricks on ghosts and spirits.