More than 260 billion yuan has been saved from the collective procurement of six batches of drugs

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The Information Office of The State Council held a regular policy briefing on February 11 to introduce the centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies in bulk.According to Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Insurance Administration, six batches of 234 kinds of drugs have been purchased, and the market sum involved accounts for about 30% of the total sum of chemical and biological drugs purchased by public medical institutions.According to the National Medical Insurance Administration, special procurement of insulin was launched in 2021, expanding collective procurement from chemical drugs to biological drugs for the first time.The collection of high-value medical consumables focuses on cardiology and orthopedics, the two most concerned areas.The centralized procurement of cardiac stents has been running smoothly for one year, and the total number of selected stents used is 1.69 million, nearly 1.6 times of the annual agreed procurement amount.Last year, the state organized collective procurement of artificial joints for more complex orthopedic consumables, further expanding the coverage of the reform.Local governments also actively carry out collective procurement of medicines and consumables as required.At present, all provinces have carried out collective procurement of drugs and consumables through provincial or inter-provincial alliance.From the perspective of procurement varieties, chemical drugs, Chinese patent drugs and biological drugs are all involved, and the two varieties of coronary balloon and ophthalmic intraocular lens have achieved full coverage of provincial collective procurement.With the further development of collective harvesting, the varieties of collective harvesting showed the characteristics of “price decrease, quantity increase and quality excellent”.To be specific, prices will return to a reasonable level and the people will benefit significantly.The average price of the first six batches of drugs was 53%, the average price of heart stents was 93%, and the average price of artificial hip and knee joints was 82%, effectively crowding out the space for imaginary heights.By the end of 2021, the state had saved more than 260 billion yuan by organizing intensive procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies, playing an important role in keeping overall pharmaceutical prices stable.The national Medical Insurance Administration’s monitoring of the pharmaceutical price Index shows that the price of chemical drugs in 2019 and 2020 decreased by about 7% year-on-year.The procurement data of drug platforms also show that the total drug cost of public medical institutions in China has been steadily decreasing with the continuous expansion of drug use, reaching 865.56 billion yuan in 2019 and 783.68 billion yuan in 2020, a decrease of nearly 10%.The quality of drugs and consumables for clinical use has been improved, and the demand for clinical services has been fully released.According to statistics, the proportion of people using original drugs and generic drugs evaluated by quality and efficacy consistency has increased from about 50% to more than 90%.Before the collection, about 1/3 of cardiac stents used in clinical use were made of stainless steel, and more than 95% of chromium stents with better performance were used after the collection. The centralized procurement effectively promoted the replacement of high-quality products in the market.For example, the dosage of entecavir for hepatitis B increased by 78% and imatinib for leukemia increased by 35%, indicating that clinical demand has been fully released and more patients have been treated.Promote the formation of fair competition, quality assurance and innovation-driven industry development pattern.Through open and transparent, fair and just competition, CCM has gradually improved the market-led price formation mechanism in the pharmaceutical field, guided enterprises to strengthen quality and cost control, actively carried out product research and development and consistency evaluation, and promoted the high-quality development of the industry.We will promote the linkage of the three medical sectors.Centralized procurement has promoted the optimization of the income structure of medical institutions, transformed the incentive mechanism by reserving the saved medical insurance funds to medical institutions in a certain proportion, and created conditions for the reform of medical service price and salary system of public medical institutions.In the next step, the National Medical Insurance Administration will normalize and institutionalize centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables, making centralized procurement a basic mode for public medical institutions.Drug collection is carried out in three major sectors: chemical medicine, Chinese patent medicine and biological medicine. High-value medical consumables focus on orthopedic consumables, drug balloons, dental implants and other varieties.By the end of 2022, the total number of national and provincial collectively-purchased drugs in each province will reach more than 350, and the number of high-value medical consumables will reach more than 5, making collectively-purchased drugs a normal occurrence and stabilizing social expectations.When will dental implants be included in the collection?As for the specific arrangement of orthopedic consumables, dental implants and other consumables, Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Healthcare Security Administration, introduced that research on spinal consumables is under way and information standardization is under way.Because the orthopaedic clinical demand is very big, but have different standard, especially the composition of product is very complex, so how to form purchase products according to the needs of the clinical medical group, this involves high technology, is now in the research plan, recently with high value medical consumables procurement for research, and widely listen to the views of clinical experts, listen to the opinion of the enterprise,We will strive to form a preliminary plan in the first half of the year, and bid opening will be carried out smoothly this year when conditions are mature.Dental implant is an important way of tooth restoration and treatment with great social demand.Of course, there are many services provided by medical institutions.So from the beginning of last year began to deploy, organized by sichuan provincial alliance, study of dental implants in discipline, now plan basic mature, also widely listened to clinical, across the enterprise and the opinion, prepare in the first half of this year to be able to launch a place in the league reform, is also in the dental implant to explore a way in.This group of articles/our reporter Zhang Xin coordinator/Yu Meiying