Feidong County Yuan Tuan school: carry out the “first lesson of the new term” activity

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to strengthen school safety management and ensure students’ physical and mental health on campus, the first class in the morning of February 16th, each class in Yuantuan school organized by the head teacher to carry out the “first lesson of the new term” activity.In class, the homeroom teachers explained and communicated with the students in detail from the aspects of psychological adaptation, epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, campus safety and food safety, especially the psychological adaptation and epidemic prevention and control in the new semester.Through learning county off-campus minors psychological counseling center’s psychological class “love life, heart to sunshine”, let the students understand the causes of psychological problems and how to solve the problem.The safety education platform enables students to learn more intuitively that under the current background of epidemic prevention and control, students should consciously start from themselves to develop habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining a social distance of 1 meter, and not participating in gathering activities.The new semester, the new atmosphere, the “first lesson” activity achieved a complete success, to achieve the desired effect.(Photo/Article: Bin Wu)