A-share list of 100 most competitive stocks!

2022-06-11 0 By

There are more than 4,700 companies in the A-share market, and for most shareholders, stock selection is extremely difficult.Today we sorted out a list of the top 100 most competitive stocks, so that everyone in the stock selection is a lot easier.The list is ranked based on companies’ operating revenue, net profit, cash flow and total market capitalization in recent years, covering industries such as medical care, liquor, electrical equipment and components.Are the wave left behind quality companies, with deep moat.It can be said that the A share of good companies are basically here, they are particularly vulnerable to the favor of big institutional funds, A relatively long rise.Although there will be a callback, but the recovery ability is much stronger than other companies, the margin of safety is very high, very suitable for ordinary shareholders.It is suggested that we select a few high-quality stocks in line with their own taste, thoroughly study their fundamentals, add in the self-selected stocks, pay attention to the changes in the stock price every day, you can choose to buy in batches when the stock price is low.Combined with the overall market environment, when the stock price is higher, you can stop the surplus in part first, and then take it back.So, under the premise of keeping the bottom of the warehouse, do high cast low absorption, namely the protection of profits, but also constantly booth low position cost.Stick to it for a long time and believe you will have a happy ending in the stock market.Finally, in order to facilitate everyone’s collection, I put out this list with pictures, I hope to help you!Remember to pay attention to, like, forward, every day investment dry goods.Thanksgiving encounter!