Wugang city to step up project construction does not relax

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On April 5, beautiful spring scenery, is located in wugang Xu Guang high-speed WuGang south entrance of gear upgrades the scene, those tense construction scene, all the contractors in epidemic prevention and control and on the basis of economic development as a whole, according to the time node, reasonable arrangement of time limit for a project, to ensure the safe, efficient and orderly, to make mention gears upgrade quality engineering, quality engineering.Since this year, the city continued to strengthen “big scratching industry, industry development guidance, adhere to the” project for the king and work for “concept, to the efficiency highest efficiency and the lowest cost of project construction, industry ecosystem security best as the goal, increase the intensity of the” five “cost reduction, vigorously carry out” ten thousand people to help thousands of companies “activities, scroll to the implementation of” three a “,Established “one system, one association and four specialized classes”, took the lead in establishing the “double long system” of industrial chain chain and industrial alliance president. This year, 88 major industrial and infrastructure projects with a total investment of 40 billion yuan were planned, among which 16 were included in provincial key projects, ranking first in the city.Thirty-five key projects have been included in Pingdingshan, and 21% of the annual investment target has been completed from January to February, ranking first among all counties and cities in Pingdingshan.In the first three phases of “three batches”, the commissioning rate and the efficiency of commissioning projects both reached 100%.The city around iron and steel, textile two leading industries chain extension, chain reinforcement and strong chain, planning to implement a total investment of 8.01 billion yuan of 11 special steel and special equipment manufacturing projects.The WuGang company continuous furnace and adsorption oxygen generation projects completed and put into operation DaXiao, scrap steel processing base, a combined forging, reform of greening projects have started construction projects such as construction, composite slab, continuous casting machine, such as project will start in the second quarter, angang wuyang mining company vanadium nitride alloy, aluminium metallurgy new material industrial park project’s first phase has been completed and put into operation DaXiao, phase ii construction began in May,The fan tower project is under negotiation with Angang Group and is expected to be signed in the near future.Worsted and textile and garment industry, the city planning implementation of 8 projects with a total investment of 5.8 billion yuan, among them, the longshan textile intelligent transformation, yulong textile 100000 pounds, yu 30000 pounds, jin yuan garment all projects completed and put into operation DaXiao, silver dragon 200000 pounds, yunlong, 80000 pounds, which all completed and put into operation by the end of dragon home textile, etc;In terms of culture, tourism, health care and modern agriculture, the city’s carefully built modern industrial park of pigeon industry, the second phase of mushroom fungus industry, Linglong Mountain white tea expansion and quality improvement, Gu Shanzhai homestays, tongli medical care complex and other projects will soon be completed and put into use.The city insists on attracting big and strong projects, and regards serving existing enterprises as the best investment attraction. It pays close attention to large enterprises such as central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and precisely carries out investment attraction by business and industrial chain.Relying on Zhongchang Logistics to sign a contract to introduce the central enterprises in cotton storage, the implementation of 3 billion yuan investment in Cotton storage (WUGang) 350,000 tons of raw cotton storage logistics integration development base project, the storage project has been completed and put into use, storage of raw cotton 60,000 tons;The rail-highway logistics port, which integrates cotton storage, delivery, bonded tax and cross-border e-commerce, will be officially put into operation in July. It is estimated that the cargo throughput will reach 5 million tons and the annual revenue will exceed 1 billion yuan, basically forming a complete industrial chain of cotton storage, spinning, weaving and clothing making.At the same time, it also relied on chinalco Sixth Metallurgical Co., Ltd. to sign an investment of 2 billion yuan for aluminum application and pressure vessel equipment manufacturing project, and yuxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to sign an investment of 1 billion yuan for Gansu Borui Steel box girder heavy transportation equipment manufacturing project.The city pays attention to the revitalization of assets, gives full play to the special class for the disposal of difficult and legacy problems of industrial development and the special class for the disposal of legacy problems of illegal fund-raising, promotes the successful revival of Haiwen Land, which has been stagnant for nearly 10 years, and realizes the sales of existing houses in “Blue City • Bright Moon Jiangnan” before May Day.Using the idle assets of Yuhong Textile, which has been stagnant for 9 years and covers an area of 160,000 square meters, to start construction of the textile and garment industrial park project with an investment of 3.3 billion yuan;Successfully resurrected jianye Baicheng Tiandi project, put into operation before May 1.In addition, the city also cooperated with Xi ‘an Jiaotong University to invest 500 million yuan of SCIENCE and technology research and development platform project has started construction, provincial special steel research institute in Wugang Company listed, annual output of 60,000 tons of ultra-low temperature steel has been put into production;Cooperated with Henan Agricultural University to focus on supporting the cultivation of tiancheng pigeon industry, Boer goat and other high-quality seed industries, and implemented the Boer goat breeding project with an investment of 680 million Yuan in the second phase of Tiancheng Pigeon Industry Modern Agricultural Industrial Park and an investment of 300 million yuan.Shenzhou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the first zhongyuan scholar workstation listed, and the only pingdingshan enterprise selected as “Gazelle” in the province;Taitian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of Technology cooperated in r&d and production of polymer composite materials with an investment of 150 million yuan;Through technological innovation, Huaneng Technology Company has invested 450 million yuan in four new projects with an annual output of 250,000 tons of cover board technical transformation, 80,000 tons of special corn starch, 150,000 tons of wood fiber and 150,000 tons of composite low board, becoming a new vein industrial park in the city.(Written by Yang Dekun, Propaganda Department of Wugang Municipal Committee)