With five special editions at a time, the MINI is ready to go big

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Recently, MINI all five major models achieved an unprecedented feat, a corresponding launch of five special edition models.They are the MINI RESOLUTE Obsessive Special edition, the MINI CLUBMAN UNTOLD Freedom Special Edition, and the MINI COUNTRYMAN UNTAMED Unruly Special Edition.The new car has a fashion-forward original design, a fun drive and the vintage luxury atmosphere that MINI excels at.MINI three-door version and MINI five-door version should be regarded as the luxury small car market, the most representative models.Interesting appearance design, after many years is still out of date, but also has a unique retro flavor.And the MINI CABRIO, the only convertible in the premium compact segment, is particularly hard to beat.In terms of appearance, the MINI RESOLUTE Special edition adopts the classic design, while further emphasizing all aspects of the MINI design elements.Vintage green paint was used for the first time on the MINI three-door/five-door /CABRIO RESOLUTE RESOLUTE Special Edition.The low-key and gorgeous green further deepens MINI’s retro feel.The chrome trim was replaced with a more textured Resolute copper design.The design is spread throughout the body, including the headlights, air intake grille, front side panel frame, door handle, fuel tank lid and rear lights.The hood ribbon and welcome pedal are presented in a gradual parallel line combination pattern.The MINI Three-door/five-door RESOLUTE Special edition has black stripes inlaid at the bottom of the window, and 18-inch black pulse seven-spoke alloy wheels make the model more low-key and sporty.In addition, the COOPER S version of the special edition car, the mesh frame, grille banner, brand LOGO and tail throat are used in a piano gloss black material.Interior, 100% use of recycled materials, fully in line with the concept of environmental protection brand transmission.The steering wheel is at six o ‘clock and bears the RESOLUTE logo of the special edition model to emphasize his special edition identity.The instrument panel also hides the designer’s ingenuity, with pale gold pinstripes evenly distributed across the panel to create a strong visual contrast with the black background.Not only that, and the pull stripe on the hood echo each other to enhance the sense of unity of the model.In addition, the MINI RESOLUTE Obsessive Special Edition is powered by the latest generation of the MINI operating system.All aspects of the vehicle’s functions, audio programs, communications and applications have been optimized.Bring faster and more intuitive operation experience.A function card on the 8.8-inch touch display in the central dashboard activates the vehicle’s menu items.The operation mode is the same as that of the Smartphone 2.As a more practical MINI CLUBMAN, in the high-end compact segment of the market is also an unusual representative.Unique six-door design, the highly recognizable split tail door design is impressive.Previously, the MINI COUNTRYMAN’s Eucalyptus green car paint was first applied to the MINI CLUBMAN UNTOLD Freedom Special Edition.The new car’s aerodynamic package makes it stand out even more.There are five stripes running through the center of the hood.3D-printed embossed strips are distributed on side hanging Windows, driver side welcome lights and welcome pedals.On top of that, the MINI CLUBMAN UNTOLD Special edition has its own 18-inch alloy wheels, and the two-color rippers are a bit flashy, with a black and gold color scheme that makes the rippers stand out.Interior, with the body of the same color eucalyptus green, gold and black to build.The seats are eucalyptus sports seats with delicate light colored wiring.The air vents are brass trimmed, and the Nappa Sport leather steering wheel has special edition insignia on the bottom spokes and floor MATS.In addition, the MINI CLUBMAN UNTOLD Freedom Special edition is available with two engines: the MINI COOPER CLUBMAN and the MINI COOPER S CLUBMAN.The MINI COUNTRYMAN, the largest and only SUV, comes in its own sporty grey paint.The whole vehicle color, gray some thoroughly, including the bottom guard plate, the air inlet around the side of the front skirt plate inlet insert, as well as the side skirt, rear bumper shell side and bottom insert, are using dynamic gray coating.The bottom of the door with ice blue sticker as an ornament, the vehicle style is very handsome and tough.On the interior, the seat edges and spokes at the bottom of the Nappa Sport leather steering wheel are branded “Untamed”.The color of the whole interior is mainly green, highlighting the fresh and natural.Grass green leather seats with blue and green wiring, more innovative.MINI COOPER ALL4 COUNTRYMAN and MINI COOPER S ALL4 COUNTRYMAN will be available in two engine versions.All the new cars will make their debut at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show and officially hit the Chinese market in the first half of this year.MINI as a personalized brand, a one-time launch of five special editions is very expected.Every detail of innovation is a no small test, interested car friends sustainable attention.Yomiuri Auto will bring you more real car experience after the show car arrives.