What type of oil does turbo car choose

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What type of oil does turbo car choose?If you brush your computer, use synthetic oil.In a regular turbocharged car, use the original engine oil, but if you’re using a computer, be careful:Work because of the turbocharger speed is too high, any ball bearings can withstand the intensity of the 100000 revolutions per minute, so the main shaft is not ball bearings and turbine noumenon connection, but USES the floating type design, main shaft is floating in the oil, the turbine is extremely narrow space between ontology and main shaft oil filled with flow,It can not only lubricate, but also take away impurities and dissipate heat between the main rotating shaft and the turbine.The problem lies here. The original 0.38bar pressurization value is generally between 10.15 million RPM, and the original oil is fully enough to support this speed and heat dissipation.But after brush computer, pressurization value jumped, turbine speed will also jumped to 20.3 million RPM, at that time the first hit is original oil, original oil level because not ding fully synthetic engine oil, engine oil of high viscosity, liquidity is poorer, so when the principal axis of ultra high speed rotation, the oil will not be able to provide the some lubrication and cooling,Some friends even maintain outside, and the oil level is not even as good as the original oil. At this time, there will be the problem of burning oil, which is the turbine damage mentioned above.The synthetic oil is relatively thin, and the lubrication and heat dissipation are better. After the turbine speed is increased, the thinner oil can flow 100% to the lubricating part, so there will not be many problems mentioned above.