We will work together to build a defense against the epidemic and look forward to more silent power

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There are no bystanders or outsiders in the fight against the epidemic.In recent days, the whole city of Nanjing has made concerted efforts to fight against the epidemic. Many enterprises in Nanjing have joined in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Some of them have provided material support, and some have further strengthened the control measures, and earnestly implemented the “four-party responsibility” of the territory, departments, units and individuals to help fight the epidemic.More than 1400 people took the initiative to sign up and guard the southern branch of the Customer service center of State Grid Co., LTD., located in Jiangning Binjiang Development Zone, to accept customers’ power failure report and repair as the main business.To meet the needs of epidemic control, the center has been operating in a “fully closed” mode since noon on March 17.During the period of closed management, the daily number of telephone calls in the center reached 70,000, and the satisfaction rate of seat service evaluation reached 99.87%.It is understood that the center uses a fragmented scheduling model to concentrate staff into peak traffic hours.At the same time, transfer support positions, training positions and other staff to support and participate in answering calls.For customers from lock-in areas, such as the request for repair, power outage and other aspects, establish a “green channel”, quick response, priority distribution within two minutes.70% of the employees in the southern branch of the customer service Center of State Grid Co., Ltd. of Liu Juan, 1421 people volunteered to participate in the operation of the park.We prepared epidemic prevention materials for one month in advance to ensure the orderly operation of the park.In the battle of epidemic prevention and control, many enterprises in Ningxia are actively using digital means and block chain technology to fight the epidemic and improve the “combat effectiveness” of epidemic prevention and control.Rejected for a phone call?Here comes the official “certified card”!In the stage of epidemic prevention and control, relevant functional departments repeatedly stressed that the calls must be answered, but many people refused to answer the calls for fear of fraud or harassment when facing unfamiliar numbers.How to dispel the doubts of the public and improve the efficiency of the phone?”Hello!The staff of Lishui District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters is calling you. Please feel free to answer the phone and cooperate with the investigation. Thank you very much!”These two days, lishui district residents in the flow of phone calls, the number will appear below the text.This is the “calling card” service jointly provided by Lishui Smart City Operation Management Center and major communication operators through communication and coordination.This “calling card” helps epidemic prevention workers “identify themselves”, improve the credibility of calls and the rate of incoming calls, and buy time to minimize the risk of the spread of the disease.LiShui area also depends on the “one network over” platform, the whole chain linking the city operation and management system, with the help of the real-time and accuracy of big data, can quickly screen out Li return Li personnel from other cities, and to stay in LiShui personnel more than 30 minutes, send SMS registration information, so far, has been sending text messages to remind more than 60000.Chen ping LiShui district of nanjing city wisdom operation management center city transport projects department minister, we developed the other provinces and cities to Li, return Li independent registration system, the information in two ways, one is through the way of scanning the qr code, the registration personnel can independently fill his information, additionally one kind is through mobile phone signal recognition.”Brush face” verification epidemic prevention information, small program release big energy!”According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, please sweep your face into the community!””Temperature 36.1 degrees Celsius, green code, please pass!”At the gate of Purun Garden District in Jiangbei New Area, a one-meter high all-in-one machine can complete a series of data verification work, such as face recognition automatic identification, infrared camera remote temperature measurement, and system background verification health code, within 5 seconds.Based on the advantages of blockchain technology, which is safe, reliable and immutable, the inspection “three-piece set” has been transformed into “one-code access”, which greatly facilitates residents’ access and personnel management.This “little helper”, from jinninghui Technology, an enterprise in Jiangbei New Area, has been put into use in seven streets of jiangbei New Area.▲ Data chart.The efficient operation of this all-in-one machine is an innovative move to promote community autonomy in jiangbei New Area in the past two years.Based on blockchain, big data and other technologies, Jiangbei New Area has cooperated with Jinninghui to create a wechat mini program “Connecting 10,000 people with chain”.Relying on the “chain of 10,000”, residents through the “blockchain + face recognition”, multi-dimensional verification of the owner’s identity, to achieve the “chain”.The underlying technology of blockchain can ensure the security of data, and residents can safely make decisions on the supervision of public funds and voting on public matters, which are two core issues of community governance, through small procedures.At the same time, through the health code declaration and registration function, residents can complete daily temperature reporting, quarantined people’s materials application and other matters without leaving home, and the information will be directly connected to community staff or street supertube.At present, many communities in Jiangbei New Area have used the all-in-one equipment to realize the fine identification and dynamic management of epidemic prevention and control in communities.Consumption helps unsalable agricultural products into “explosive style” spring, fresh and tender shoots are refreshing, picking strawberries fun.However, affected by the epidemic, some agricultural products are facing difficulties in sales.Gaochun district after many enterprises know the situation, take the initiative to contact unsalable farmers to help sell, draw a pair of concentric, mutual help moving picture scroll.Sheng Yanfen, a farmer, smiles as she watches her bags of bamboo shoots sold at zaoyuan Bamboo planting base in Qiqiao street on March 25.Shengyanfen Qiqiao Street Early garden bamboo growers they have orders of five to six thousand jin every day, give us a lot of help, now after the market opened, the price is also slowly up.At present, Zaoyuan bamboo is in the peak market, mainly exported to Nanjing, Shanghai, Changzhou and other places.However, with the spread of the epidemic, local logistics and other reasons, Early garden bamboo encountered sales problems.Nanjing Shuangyou E-commerce Co., Ltd. actively contacted growers to purchase bamboo shoots. After cleaning, packaging and packaging, part of bamboo shoots were sent to the main warehouse in Nanjing, and the other part was purchased and delivered by group, realizing a win-win situation for both consumers and growers.Zhu Guohua, the person in charge of Nanjing Shuangyou E-commerce Co., LTD., our Zhongtong Cloud distribution company and Shuangyou Village are cooperating. We can go out in a bag of 10,000 jin for two days, and the small bag of 3,000 to 4,000 jin every day, but when it rains, the surrounding farmers are not enough to sell.In addition to early garden bamboo, strawberry, which was in the peak sales season, also worried many growers.In qiqiao street heping village strawberry planting base, farmer Rui Orchid is looking at the shed full of bright red strawberries are anxious.Due to the epidemic, logistics slowed down, the ripe strawberries could not be sold, and the number of tourists experiencing the harvest decreased sharply.Rui Orchid strawberry growers had a good strawberry growth this year, but now affected by the epidemic, strawberries can not be sold.Nanjing Chun Blue agricultural science and technology development Co., Ltd. in understanding the poor sales of strawberry, the new strawberry processing project.In qiqiao, Yaxi, Gucheng, Yangjiang and other towns and streets to buy farmers unsalable strawberry, two days has bought more than 10,000 jin, sent to the food factory to make strawberry jam and other products.This not only alleviates the problem of unsalable strawberry, but also provides employment opportunities for the surrounding villagers.We actively respond to the call of the government, for the local farmers to do a small contribution, so far, the purchase of processed strawberry, early garden bamboo nearly 50,000 jin.On March 29, the eighth round of nucleic acid testing was conducted in Meiyuan New Village, Xuanwu District.At the checkpoint in front of the Five Star Holdings building.Citizens are lining up under neat blue awnings, waiting to be tested.Another round of regional nucleic acid testing was organized in Nanjing from March 27 to 30.Party organizations of many units in the district took action to participate in nucleic acid testing services organized in the streets.Han Jun is an ordinary employee of Five Star Holdings. After learning that the company had set up a youth commando team, he signed up for support at the first time to help the community collect nucleic acid testing personnel information and drainage.The company has a total of more than 30 employees, and Han Jun, actively join the youth commandos.Han Jun Five-star Holdings’ staff, community workers and medical workers are all working very hard. I am very glad to have the opportunity to join their work and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control.Five Star holdings also provided a site in front of the building to support nucleic acid testing and collected daily necessities at the testing site to provide supplies in a timely manner.A few days ago, we found that the mobile phones used by medical staff for testing were often used from 8 am to early morning, and the electricity was not enough.Medical staff to maintain order with the voice Shouting, Shouting for a day, his voice almost hoarse.So we bought dozens of power banks and a bunch of speakers, and now they’re all in place.In recent days, major enterprises, such as Zhongshan Hotel, Citic Bank and Panda Wangu Financial Technology Center, have also set up volunteer service teams to support the epidemic prevention work in Meiyuan Xincun street, expressing their responsibilities and responsibilities with practical actions.Editor’s Note: Medical workers, community workers and volunteers are the most widely seen in the media. In fact, there are many silent forces behind them, including government agencies, enterprises and public institutions in Ningxia, and all residents in this city are silently supporting the fight against the epidemic in various ways.Money and output technology, this is a kind of support;Wearing masks without aggregation, temperature testing code testing nucleic acid, which is also supported.Everyone is doing his or her best, and everyone is responsible and responsible. This is what we are looking forward to under the epidemic.Let us gather together to build an impregnable line against the epidemic.Source: North Pole pavilion outlook (reporter: Wang Lianqi peng Shuo Jiang Qihang He Xin Zhou Jing Xu Ye Zheng Yidi ever said Zhu Peng Zhao Rongjian) editor: rabbit