Wang Li Security began to build anti-theft security door intelligent factory (phase ii) transformation project

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Recently, Wang Li Security Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Wang Li Security) anti-theft security door intelligent factory (phase ii) transformation project, in the city economy and information Bureau, enterprise investment (including foreign investment) project record (technical transformation).Qutu noted that the construction site of the project is s15-2 Plot, Yongkang Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, with a total investment of 90.67 million yuan. It is scheduled to be completed in December this year.The transformation project of Wangli Security And Anti-theft Door Intelligent Factory (Phase II) is mainly based on SRM, ERP, APS, MES, CRM and other collaborative systems to get through the product life cycle management platform;Establish company-level, production site execution and workshop production planning systems, and realize data integration and interconnection of ERP, MES and other information platforms;To create the application of customization and matching scenarios of Wangli security cloud service platform products;The establishment of anti-theft security door manufacturing automation production line, to achieve automation, intelligent, pipelined manufacturing and processing equipment interconnection;Realizing the construction of intelligent logistics and storage system;Forming a new discrete intelligent manufacturing application mode with the characteristics of Wang Li Security.According to Wangli Security, the implementation of this project reduces the production cycle by 72.6% compared with before the implementation of the project, and achieves the delivery cycle of 1 day for conventional doors and 3 days for non-standard doors.The product upgrade cycle is shortened by 32.63%, the rate of unqualified products is reduced by 34.69%, and energy consumption per unit output value is reduced by 11.50%. According to Qutou information, Wang Li Security was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in February last year, and its main business is the r&d, design, production and sales of security doors and other products as well as mechanical locks and smart locks.As a leading enterprise in the security door lock industry, the company mainly produces steel security doors, other doors, locks and other smart home products.At present, Wang Li security has four production bases in Zhejiang Yongkang, Zhejiang Wuyi and Sichuan Suining. In 2020, the number of security doors is more than 1.8 million, and the production and marketing scale has obvious advantages in the industry.And Wang Li security anti-theft security door intelligent factory transformation project (phase I), in 2020 April began construction, last April or so completed.The total investment of the first phase project is 55.85 million yuan.Wang Li security said, Wang Li security anti-theft door intelligent factory renovation project after completion, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 1.5 million yuan, profit and tax 230 million yuan.Financial results show that in the first three quarters of 2021, Wang Li Security achieved operating revenue of 1.806 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 30.13%;Net profit reached 148 million yuan, up 1.13% year on year.It is worth mentioning that Wang Li security door frame and facade using powder coating.The powder coating is heated at high temperatures and then sprayed onto the surface by compressed air.Wang Li security adopts electrostatic spraying line itself supporting pulse filter core dust removal device, spray dust collection by pulse filter core dust removal device after filtration treatment can reach the high air discharge standard.As of June 30, 2020, Wang Li Security has 8 powder spraying lines.Powder coating has been used for many years in our country as the protective layer of the exterior decoration of doors and Windows.Compared with traditional solvent based coating, powder coating has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, environmentally friendly, high utilization rate of raw materials, and easy to achieve automatic coating, so more and more manufacturers choose powder coating as the first choice for door and window coating., according to wang li security after the prospectus issued by the company in the reporting period for emissions problem was fined by the department of environmental protection, and according to “about issued in 2016, the provincial environmental protection special fund notice, wang li security and its subsidiaries Wang Ligao prevention, wang li zhongyi are all passed the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) regulation,VOCs treatment measures have been improved, yongkang city and Wuyi County special government has learned that the production and manufacturing of security doors is featured by regional concentration in yongkang, “the capital of hardware”. Yongkang has become the main production place of security doors in China and formed a complete and mature industrial chain. The production of security doors in Yongkang accounts for 70% of the total national market.Exit are greatly influenced by downstream of the real estate industry, real estate industry in China has been rapid and continuous expansion of the total growth stage, into the slow, steady development of the new stage, but benefit from urban resident population growth and regional migration, the living conditions improving, the urban renovation update, the housing market in our country still has large potential in the future.In recent years, the state has launched a number of hardcover house policies, the relevant rules of provinces and cities continue to follow this for the industry has brought a lot of bulk engineering business, become an important growth point of the industry.At the same time, the rapid development of the old renovation and second-hand housing demand, for the regional dealer penetration capacity higher requirements.The improvement of urbanization rate will increase the demand for urban housing and increase the security gate demand.China’s urbanization rate reached 63.89 percent in 2020.According to the 14th Five-Year Plan and the outline of the Long-term goals for 2035, the urbanization rate will rise to 65 percent of the total population during the 14th Five-year Plan period and over 75 percent by 2035.In the next decade, China’s urbanization rate will continue to rise, and new urban housing will require a large number of safety doors.It can be foreseen that the demand for powder coatings for doors will increase accordingly.