Open changan CS55PLUS, and then test drive Jetta VS5, the contrast gap is very obvious

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120,000 landing boutique SUV should be an independent brand, because in terms of cost performance, domestic cars or one of the top two, and the three major basic joint venture brand.Look below, open changan CS55PLUS, test drive Jetta VS5 again, contrast gap is very obvious.Changan CS55 PLUS is decorated with many sports.Jetta VS5 family design gives a person fashionable and do not break composed feeling.Changan CS55PLUS and Jetta VS5 all use large size grid design, at the same time grid and big lamp group used unicom processing, enhance the sense of the body.Jetta VS5 all system standard with LED big light group, top with models to join the headlight automatically open function.Changan CS55PLUS only medium and high models are equipped with LED headlights, Jetta VS5 all standard 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the new five-spoke design is very durable.Changan CS55PLUS only has 18-inch wheels for medium and high models.Jetta VS5 used double waist line processing, line stereo, highlight rich administrative levels.Changan CS55PLUS added red trim to the body for embellishment, and Jetta V/S5’s rear is more solid.Changan CS55PLUS caboose is more sporty decoration.Jetta VS5 width indicator lamp uses a Y “design.The changan CS55PLUS taillight adopts a double-layer design.Both are very recognisable when lit up.Jetta VS5 interior materials work quite solid, interior assembly adhering to Volkswagen’s consistent high quality.The interior of Changan CS55PLUS pays more attention to the creation of sports atmosphere.Jetta VS5 central control screen built into the new J-LIK mobile phone interconnection system.Changan CS55PLUS central control screen is built with intelligent entertainment ecosystem.Jetta /S5 air conditioning control area under the central control retains a large number of physical keys, easy to operate.The Honor Po is also equipped with dual zone air conditioning.Jetta VS5 and Changan CS55PLUS driver seat are electrically adjustable.VS5 front seats are equipped with seat heating, CS55PLUS only driver with seat heating.The backseat of Jetta VS5 and Changan CS55PLUS also keep the same material as the front seat.In terms of the three major components, Changan CS55PLUS is equipped with 1.5T+7DCT powertrain, with maximum horsepower of 188 and peak torque of 300 nm. Daily driving tends to be comfortable and calm. The gearbox has good smoothness, and the power output of rapid acceleration is quite surging.The Jetta VS5 is powered by a 1.4T engine with a 6AT transmission, with a maximum of 150 horsepower and 250 nm of peak torque.This set of powertrain is still relatively bright, the overall is also more comfortable adjustment, S gear will be relatively high, 6AT gearbox has more advantages in reliability than 7DCT, two cars are front and rear independent suspension.Conclusion In general, we can choose these two good SUVs at this price. CS55PLUS has obvious advantages, such as high configuration, larger body size and surging output of 1.5T+7DCT.And the Jetta VS5 uses 1.4T+6AT power mature and reliable, finally we will prefer who?Feel free to leave a comment below.