New start!In Yuanyang county, 2,036 migrant workers took the “through train” to return to their posts

2022-06-10 0 By

On the afternoon of February 10, Yuanyang County held a farewell party in Nansha People’s Square for the 2022 “100-day action” to organize migrant workers to return to work outside the province.2,036 migrant workers took the “through train” to return to work in a safe and orderly way, point-to-point and one-stop.Li Wei, Zhang Zhe, Chen Guangsong, Zhou Hongxing, Wang Junmei and other county leaders were present to bid farewell.The relevant departments of Yuanyang County are carefully deployed and organized, communicating and docking with foreign enterprises in advance, taking multiple measures simultaneously, finding out the people’s employment intentions in time, and actively carrying out the “point-to-point, one-stop” work of returning to work.We organized 2,036 migrant workers to take 43 special buses to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai to return to work. We helped migrant workers go directly from their “doorsteps” to their “factory gates” so that more migrant workers could find jobs safely and smoothly.New street town young workers Li Mengju happily told reporters, “we don’t have to find their own car to find a job, directly sent us to the factory, more convenient, we are also more assured.”Yuanyang County further strengthened the labor service work, and cooperated with labor service enterprises to take precise docking of employment posts and guide the people who have the intention to work outside to return to their posts, realizing the one-stop work of “leaving home, boarding the car door and entering the factory door”, ensuring the safe export and stable employment of workers.Zhang Zhenghua, general manager of Honghe State Ninongmen Human Resources Service Co., LTD., told reporters, “We use the county, township and village three-level Internet + village blue shop model, so that people can find good jobs without leaving home.According to the needs of ordinary people for work, we will export them to enterprises and jobs for work in an orderly and organized way.””I work in Guangdong LCD Industrial Park, the main production is TV, the salary is usually 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, we are relatively easy to go to work, when the salary is high, we can get more than 5,000 to 6,000 like.New street town migrant young ma Ling told reporters.The county takes labor export as the top priority to promote rural revitalization. Relevant departments at all levels have worked closely to carry out labor export work in an orderly manner on the premise of epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and employment are promoted simultaneously.Yuan Yang county human resources and social security bureau chief, jian-guo he said county people club bureau will strengthen the dynamic monitoring of employment, by the people into the club as a whole the rural human resources company each township villages farmers home, seriously MoPai workers of information, as well as the employment situation, in a timely manner to understand some of the employment situation now, precision lock time and direction of the migrant workers, etc.,We will ensure that rural migrant workers return to work on time.It is understood that up to now, the county has a total of 240,000 rural labor force, has transferred employment 137,548 people, including 33,846 people transfer employment outside the province, 45,003 people transfer employment outside the province, 58,699 people transfer employment inside the county, Yuanyang county orderly output to return to work outside the province 70 times 3159 people.In the next step, the county will continue to strengthen the contact with the labor enterprises outside the province, the linkage and cooperation of all departments, to do a good job in labor export services, to ensure that the migrant workers smoothly arrive at the migrant enterprises.Reporter: Pu Jianmei kong Fei