Different move express: people with Tai (600829) On March 31 at 10:10 points 10 points sealed daily limit

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March 31 intraday news, 10:10 people with Tai (600829) sealed daily limit.The current price is 8.38, up 9.97 percent.Its sector pharmaceutical business is currently up.Leading gainers for Reikon pharmaceutical.This unit is the hot stock of medicine business, medicine and private hospital concept. On the same day, the concept of medicine business rose 3.01%, the concept of medicine rose 2.38%, and the concept of private hospital rose 1.08%.In terms of capital flow data, the net inflow of main funds in the last trading day was 27.2816 million yuan, the net inflow of floating funds was 14.928 million yuan, and the net outflow of retail funds was 14.8527 million yuan.Nearly 5 days of capital flow in a glance see the following table: people with Thailand main indicators and industry ranking as follows: people with Thailand (600829) stock profile: the above content by the securities star according to public information collation, if there is a problem please contact us.